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Max Bemis & Marianna Ignazzi Create Buffy '97 Comic For Boom Studios
Back n February, Bleeding Cool got the scoop from reading an Amazon solicitation  that Max Bemis, singer/songwriter of the band Say Anything and the supergroup Two Tongues but in recent years has become well-known writing comics, including a Moon Knight run, and Marianna Ignazzi are creating a retro Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic book from Boom Studios, a one-shot called Buffy '97. Referencing the year that[...]
Cover image for BELIT & VALERIA #1 CVR A TURINI (MR)
Max Bemis, singer/songwriter of the band Say Anything and the supergroup Two Tongues, is coming back into comics in a big way First with a Buffy '97 comic book and now telling more Hyboria tales with Rodney Buchemi in Ablaze's May 2022 solicits and solicitatsions. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 20%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid[...]
Belit & Valeria: Robert E. Howard Spinoff Debuts from ABLAZE in May
This new series is written by Max Bemis (Polarity; Oh Killstrike; Moon Knight) with stunning artwork by Rodney Buchemi (HULK, X-Men, KISS, Marvel Adventures) "Belit & Valeria" cover art, ABLAZE Publishing BÊLIT & VALERIA: Swords vs Sorcery #1, by Max Bemis and Rodney Buchemi • MSRP: $3.99 • Release Date: May 4th "Belit & Valeria" cover art, ABLAZE Publishing ROBERT[...]
Max Bemis & Marianna Ignazzi Create Buffy '97 Comic For Boom Studios
Bleeding Cool gets the word through secret inside sources – oh alright, from reading an Amazon solicitation – that Max Bemis and Marianna Ignazzi are creating a retro Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic book from Boom Studios, a one-shot called Buffy '97 Referencing the year that the TV show first aired, it will also be[...]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18 Review:
Heavy #2 continues writer Max Bemis, and artist Eryk Donovan's unique depiction of a dead man named Bill tasked with becoming a Heavy, an assassin who travels through alternate realities to punish the worst versions of people in those realities The first issue ended with Bill paired up with someone who he'd rather see obliterated from existence[...]
Inkblot #1 Review:
Heavy, the new comic from writer/rockstar Max Bemis and Memetic, Cognetic, Eugenic artist Eryk Donovan, is a high-concept thriller that follows an assassin trying to work his way out of a very unique version of Purgatory Vault Comics has been putting out some intriguing sci-fi and fantasy debuts this year, so how does Heavy #1 measure up to their[...]
Valiant Entertainment has announced a new series launching in June from writer Max Bemis and artist Nathan Stockman, with colors by Brian Reber, and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Tooting their own horn in a press release, Valiant calls Savage "a thrilling new series that's packed with over-the-top action, animated artwork, and a massively entertaining and[...]
Black Terror
Max Bemis, lead singer, primary composer and primary lyricist of the band Say Anything, has been carving himself out quite the career in comic books, with Moon Knight, Foolkiller, Polarity and more, but he recently told Bleeding Cool he was taking a break from Marvel. Well, his latest comics project is to launch the new Black[...]
Moon Knight #198 cover by Becky Cloonan
I can't say I was expecting the opening scene to be Marc fighting and eating a rabid dolphin over a span of days. Max Bemis has mastered a balance of uncomfortable and awkward humor cast against pitch-black themes, which is among the most suiting ways to write Moon Knight I've ever seen, on part with excellent[...]
Eoin Marron's Process Art from Centipede #1
The series is written by Max Bemis (Foolkiller) and drawn by Eoin Marron (Sons of Anarchy) and tell the story of a terrifying creature from beyond the starts attacking a planet We follow Dale, the sole survivor that has already accepted that his planet is destroyed, now he's just in it for revenge. I never really[...]
Check in on Regular Show 25 Years Later: BOOM! Studios June 2018 Solicits
(STL081986) SC, 32pgs, FC       SRP: $3.99 APR181111 MECH CADET YU #9 (W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Takeshi Miyazawa Skip and the cadets take the fight to the Sharg, in outer space! (STL081994) 32pgs, FC   SRP: $3.99 APR181112 LUCY DREAMING #4 (W) Max Bemis (A/CA) Michael Dialynas Lucy and Welsey work together to tear a hole in the dream world into actual reality, despite the very real[...]
Moon Knight #191 cover by Jacen Burrows and Mat Lopes
It's great that Max Bemis kept that quality in the comic. Moon Knight #191 art by Jacen Burrows, Guillermo Ortego, and Mat Lopes Jacen Burrows' artwork continues to be the right mixture of clean and unnerving that Moon Knight deserves Plus, his fight scenes are structured very well They're more sequential than many fight sequences these days[...]
Moon Knight #190 cover by Jacen Burrows and Mat Lopes
What they come up with is unsurprisingly vicious. Meanwhile, Marc Spector and Jake Lockley are having an internal conflict over Lockley's methods. Moon Knight #190 cover by Jacen Burrows and Mat Lopes Max Bemis' Moon Knight may be the new gold standard in uncomfortable laughter There are plenty of moments in this comic where something kind of awful[...]