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Max Bemis and Nathan Stockman Get Ready Turok with Savage at Valiant in June

Valiant Entertainment has announced a new series launching in June from writer Max Bemis and artist Nathan Stockman, with colors by Brian Reber, and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Tooting their own horn in a press release, Valiant calls Savage "a thrilling new series that's packed with over-the-top action, animated artwork, and a massively entertaining and […]

Black Terror

Max Bemis to Write New Black Terror Comic for Dynamite in October

Max Bemis, lead singer, primary composer and primary lyricist of the band Say Anything, has been carving himself out quite the career in comic books, with Moon Knight, Foolkiller, Polarity and more, but he recently told Bleeding Cool he was taking a break from Marvel. Well, his latest comics project is to launch the new […]

Moon Knight #198 cover by Becky Cloonan

Moon Knight #198 Review: Marc vs. a Rabid Dolphin

Moon Knight has been kidnapped by Ernst, a Nazi sadist who runs a cult. Ernst's cult is putting Marc Spector through a series of trials to induct Marc into the cult. These include fighting a rabid dolphin, torturing a torturer, and a combat trial. This takes place over a series of weeks, leaving Moon Knight […]

Lucy Dreaming #3 cover by Michael Dialynas

Lucy Dreaming #3 Advance Review: Charming Preteen-Centric Sci-Fi Comedy

Lucy and Welz meet up and compare notes about their shared dreaming experience. They try to discern how it happened, and Welz is interested in doing so again. Liddy goes home to talk with her mother about the experience, and she learns more than she expected. Lucy Dreaming #3 presents the story of energetic, creative, […]

Eoin Marron's Process Art from Centipede #1

I saw a post on Facebook the other day asking which was your first video game system. After scanning all the choices given, I didn't see mine, the Atari 2600. It's hard to imagine that so many systems have come and gone since the debut in 1977 (back when it was just the Atari Video […]

Check in on Regular Show 25 Years Later: BOOM! Studios June 2018 Solicits

New miniseries, By Night from writer John Allison and artist Christine Larsen, begins, you can hate Mondays once more with Garfield Homecoming, and see how things turn out with Regular Show: 25 Years Later. All of this plus Adventure Time, Power Rangers, Planet of the Apes, WWE, and plenty of others are revealed in the Boom! Studios June 2018 solicits. Details below.   APR181089 BY NIGHT #1 […]

Moon Knight #191 cover by Jacen Burrows and Mat Lopes

Moon Knight #191: The Boxers Marc Spector Wears to Fight Revealed!

Moon Knight learns he has a daughter in time to see she and her mother at the mercy of the Sun King and Raul Bushman. He is now fighting for their lives as well as his own. Elsewhere, the Truth receives some help in prison. Also, Khonshu gives Marc Spector and his other personalities an […]

Moon Knight #190 cover by Jacen Burrows and Mat Lopes

Moon Knight #190 Review: A New Meaning to In-Fighting

The Sun King, our mystery pyrokinetic worshipper of the god, Ra, has linked up with Raul Bushman, former associate and current foe of Moon Knight, to collaborate on bringing down Marc Spector. What they come up with is unsurprisingly vicious. Meanwhile, Marc Spector and Jake Lockley are having an internal conflict over Lockley's methods. Max […]

BMO's Bonanza, Dodge City, 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers, and More- BOOM! Studios March 2018 Solicits

Things get Mighty for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 25th Anniversary issue by Kyle Higgins and Daniele Di Nicuolo. Plus, BMO's Bonanza, Lucy Dreaming, Nuclear Winter, and more new titles and graphic novels from BOOM! Studios' March 2018 solicits. More details available below. MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #25 Publisher: BOOM! Studios Retail Price: $4.99 Writer: Kyle Higgins Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo Polybag […]

Moon Knight #189 cover by Jacen Burrows and Mat Lopes

Moon Knight #189 Review: The Truth Does Hurt After All

A train his hijacked by a mysterious individual going by the moniker, the Truth. If that's not bad enough, the self-proclaimed avatar of Ra is making moves across the city. Marc Spector goes through a successful day as Steven Grant before seeing the news story about the Truth's disaster. He subsequently dons the cowl of […]

Moon Knight #188 cover by Jacen Burrows

Marvel Legacy Moon Knight #188 Review: I Am The God Ra

At Ravencroft Institute, Dr. Emmett treats the mysterious Patient 86, a former serviceman who snapped and set a number of comrades on fire after a series of horrific abuses. He doesn't remember his own name or much of his history before the event. Everything points towards this being a wash, but Emmett, who previously treated […]

Max Bemis' Issues Of Crossed: Badlands Collected This Week

The latest Crossed: Badlands trade hits shelves this week from Avatar Press. It collects issues #87-92 featuring the story arc by songer / song writer Max Bemis of Say Anything. He's also done quite a bit of comic work including three series Polarity, Evil Empire and Oh, Killstrike for Boom! Studios and working on A+X […]

Crossed Badlands And The "Social Justice Warrior"

Crossed is the franchise series created by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows for Avatar Press. They both return to to it occasionally but have other series they work on. Tomorrow sees a new issue of Code Pru and of War Stories from Ennis, and Providence from Burrows. But Crossed Badlands continues apace, a bi-weekly series […]

Crossed: Badlands And Crossed +100 In Stores This Week From Avatar Press

Avatar Press (our parent company) has two new books hitting shelves this week. First up is Crossed: Badlands #92 by Max Bemis and German Erramouspe and then Crossed +100 #13 by Simon Spurrier and Rafa Ortiz. Both issue offer a variety of cover options to choose from. Crossed: Badlands #92 Say Anything singer and songwriter, […]

Max Bemis Brings The Most Savage Comic Store Satire You've Seen In Crossed Badlands

You thought that the Big Bang Theory comic store episodes were a little below the belt? That Eltingville was as savage a satire on comic shop society that you could ever see? Then you didn't read Max Bemis and German Erramouspe's first issue of Crossed Badlands last week, published by Bleeding Cool's own publisher Avatar. To […]

Max Bemis On Crossed: Badlands This Week From Avatar Press

These are the Avatar Press items scheduled for release this Wednesday 12/16.  First up, Simon Spurrier continues what Alan Moore started in the second story arc of Crossed +100 and then Max Bemis kicks off a new story arc in Crossed: Badlands. Crossed +100 #12 The second arc of the Alan Moore developed Crossed future […]

A Comic Show – Secret Wars Battleworld Roadtrip!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, this week was one of those where I feel privileged to sell comics for a living. I felt like a kid again just reading comics all morning for fun, but now I get to talk about it with other fans instead of just […]