Advance Review: (Self) Obsessed With Sina Grace, Plus Preview

By Alex Wilson

SELF_OBSESSED_CVR_FIN_flatI think we all have insecurities. We all question why we don't have it all together or feel self-conscious about our bodies or sexuality, or our relationships, or just who we are as people. It can seem at times no one else feels this way and we are the only ones who can't seem to find the magic formula to life. But it's important to know we aren't alone in feeling these ways and Sina Grace's Self Obsessed shows that we aren't alone in our own insecurities, that everyone questions their place in the world.

Self-Obsessed-head-00Grace combines short comics from throughout his life mixed with modern retellings of retrospective anecdotes with a smattering of a few essays or writing pieces from his younger years to give a portrait of his life and those around him. Grace splays his life out for the sake of storytelling and it's not wasted. He balances humor and the dead seriousness of life in such an imaginative way I can't help but feel connected and invested.

Self-Obsessed-head-01It's refreshing to see such an honest portrayal of another human being. Grace doesn't build himself up to be a rock star, instead showing his failings and missteps. We see his sexual struggles, childhood temper tantrums and, one of the most fascinating aspects of the book, how Grace has grown as a writer and progressed as an artist.

Self-Obsessed-Bears-flatI think this book holds so much power and importance because it's so vulnerable. It's literally someone drawing out the moments that made them the person they are, good and bad, and I can't help but admire the brutal honesty. I can't imagine it's easy to put so much of yourself out to the world to be judged and read and hopefully enjoyed.

SELF-OBSESSED-25If you're looking to feel connected to humanity or just want a portrait of an interesting person then consider picked up the trade paperback of Self-Obsessed, out in stores September 30th, 2015.

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