Alex de Campi Teases The Next Three Mini-Arcs of Grindhouse at New York Signing

Alex de Campi appeared for a signing of her new graphic novel collection Smoke and Ashes and the premier issue of her comic Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight, both from Darkhorse, at Midtown Comics Downtown on Thursday night and was happy to chat with fans about what's coming up for the Grindhouse series.


She described the current 2-part series "Bee Vixens From Mars" as a tale of "sexy alien invaders", which will span issues 1-2.

Issues 3-4, drawn and colored by Simon Fraser will be in the Grindhouse genre tradition of "Women's Prison Films" but "in space".

Issues 5-6, with art by Federica Manfredi, presented in a decorative style like Alfonse Mucha's, will be a comics version of a "Rape Revenge Film".

Issues 7-8, drawn by Gary Erskine, will blend the "Teen Girl Gang" genre with "Slasher Film" features, starring a "demonness" with a rather dangerous tail who creates "zombie slaves".

Writer on the series Alex de Campi explained that if the first 8 issues of Grindhouse, which represent the initial vision for the comic, are successful, they may well expand into a second series of 8 issues, perhaps featuring "guest stars" as writers and artists. If Grindhouse produces 16 issues in total, they will form two trade collections after single issue releases.


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