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Gears Of War & Fortnite's Cliff Bleszinski's Comic With Alex De Campi
He went on to become a Broadway producer behind the Tony award-winning Hadestown, and now he is making his comic book debut with Scrapper, co-written with Bleeding Cool-favourite Alex de Campi, known for everything from Grindhouse to My Little Pony to Archie Vs Predator, drawn by Sandy Jarrell, and being published in July by Image[...]
Alex De Campi, Ryan Howe & Dee Cunniffe's Bad Karma From Image Comics
Bad Karma from Alex De Campi, Ryan Howe & Dee Cunniffe, will be finally published in print form, a character-based action/thriller collected as a graphic novel from Image Comics later this year It was originally (and still is) published by Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin's pay-what-you-want Panel Syndicate digital publisher. Bad Karma Hardcover – November 7,[...]
Alex De Campi & Erica Henderson's Parasocial, From Image in October
Comic book creators and collaborators Alex de Campi and Erica Henderson have announced a new pandemic psychosexual horror graphic novel being published by Image Comics in October, called Parasocial With the subtitle "like and survive" And if you are on social media, you can be a part of it. Alex De Campi & Erica Henderson's Parasocial,[...]
Comic Book Publishers Not Paying Comic Book Creators: Part Two
It's clear to me that our industry is in a state of huge transition and a lot of smaller publishers may not make it to the other side." Comic book writer, publisher and former Bleeding Cool columnist Alex De Campi named AfterShock Comics as Zac Thompson's non-paying party, adding "This is @AfterShockComix They owe friends of[...]
Alex De Campi, Skylar Patridge & Kelly Fitzpatrick Webtoon Reversal
Alex De Campi, Skylar Patridge and Kelly Fitzpatrick are launching a new comic book series on Webtoon, in a word where magic has become a thing again, after a reversal of the laws of nature And it is called Reversal De Campi writes "It has oddly been a lot of fun (but a BUNCH of[...]
Yes, Alex De Campi Wrote Second Episode Of Blade Runner: Black Lotus
And that second one featured s name familiar to Bleeding Cool readers, Alex De Campi Here's the trailer. Bleeding Cool has been happy to cover the latest adventures of Alex De Campi, comic book writer and novelist over the years From writing the sweetest My Little Pony comics through Archie Vs Predator to the extreme Grindhouse comic and Dracula Motherfu**er graphic novel, from the sex-filled Scottish[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Substack Special
There is every reason to believe that, by allowing this set of writers to define and shape a media consensus against trans people's humanity and right to define ourselves, we are setting ourselves up for the same progression in the States." The article was shared by comics writer and producer Alex De Campi who also stated "Please[...]
Pitch Perfect
That would be Adam Knave, editor, and writer. That was followed by former Bleeding Cool columnist, director, and writer of Smoke, Valentine, No Mercy, Archie Vs Predator, Bad Girls, MADI, and Grindhouse Alex De Campi writing "I shouldn't be posting pages from a pitch that hasn't gone out to publishers yet but I audibly GASPED when[...]
Printwatch: Dracula, Motherf**ker Graphic Novel Gets A Second Printing
Printwatch: Dracula, Motherf**ker was one of my favourite graphic novels from last year, from two of my favourite comic book creators, Alex De Campi and Erica Henderson Apparently, Alex and I are part of some giant whisper network in the comics industry I wish that was true as a) I might get better stories for[...]
Alex De Campi Signs Executive Producer Role For New TV Series
Bleeding Cool has been happy to cover the latest adventures of Alex De Campi, comic book writer and novelist over the years From writing the sweetest My Little Pony comics through Archie Vs Predator to the extreme Grindhouse comic and Dracula Motherfu**er graphic novel, from the sex-filled Scottish Boy novel to the medium-reinventing Valentine, and[...]
How Image Comics' Dracula Motherf**ckr Graphic Novel Topped The Chart
The best selling graphic novel in comic book stores in October took us by surprise this month—the breakout hit Dracula Motherf**cker—an original graphic novel by Alex De Campi and Erica Henderson took the top seat We thought we'd take a closer look at why that may have happened. How Dracula Motherf**cker Image Comics Graphic Novel Topped[...]
Spider-Man and Dracula Motherf**ker Top Diamond October 2020 Charts
And a special congratulations to former Bleeding Cool columnist Alex De Campi and Erica Henderson, whose graphic novel Dracula Motherf**ker from Image Comics was the best-selling graphic novel in the Diamond direct market in October this year, beating out the collection of Marvel's summer event, Empyre Someone at DC's Black Label should get in touch. Spider-Man[...]
Duncan Jones Is Working On Something Very Big He Can't Talk About
Director Duncan Jones and Eisner-nominated comic creator and curator Alex De Campi held an exclusive discussion with Karama Horne of the challenges and rewards of creating across multiple formats From film and TV to prose novels and comics, as part of Thought Bubble's weekend events They also talked about their joint project, Madi, the third[...]
Auto Draft
Z2's offering will be a version of Alex de Campi's Kickstarted True War Stories graphic novel The project pairs members of the US military with the biggest names in comics to share real war stories told by those who lived them. "True War Stories is incredibly important to me personally, and I'm so proud of the[...]
Alex De Campi and Ferry Gouw Create Major Lazer Graphic Novel
We're doing it for the kids, to mess up their minds." – Alex De Campi Alex De Campi and Ferry Gouw Create Major Lazer Graphic Novel In conjunction with the announcement of the fourth album from Major Lazer, the global dance trio of Diplo, Walshy Fire, Ape Drums, as well as artist Ferry Gouw and writer Alex[...]
Alex De Campi Teams Veterans With Comics Artists For True War Stories
Former Bleeding Cool columnist, comics creator, director and publisher Alex De Campi is working on a new graphic anthology project, True War Stories, from Z2 Comics 250 page on and  kickstartered and teaming US veterans to tell their stories, with comic book creators to capture and publish them, co-edited by Iraq War veteran Khai Krumbhaar. Artists[...]
A stack of comic books from comic book publishers.
Given that, what creative teams do you get on a comic, and why? Comics from comic book publishers such as Marvel Comics and DC Comics, photo by Studio Matitanera / Alex de Campi and John Paul Leon – The Winter Soldier [D]e Campi is no stranger to espionage, as she wrote Mayday, a Cold War comic set[...]
Auto Draft
This included the wording they invited men in the comic book industry to make, regarding misconduct in the industry, theirs and that of others. Male Comic Creators Take The #ComicsPledge – A First Step. MEN IN COMICS SAY NO There are a lot of ideals we claim to honor in comics hope, justice, unity, innovation, creativity, freedom.  None[...]
Rebellion Battle Of Britain Garth Ennis
Promised last year, now coming to fruition, a Battle Of Britain Special with Garth Ennis, Keith Burns, Alex De Campi, Glenn Fabry, Staz Johnson, PJ Holden, Alan Grant, Alan Hebden, Dan Abnett, Rob Williams and many more, celebrating the classic British war comic, Battle, that very much set the space for 2000AD. Garth Ennis & Glenn[...]
Duncan Jones And Alex De Campi Debut Madi Through Kickstarter
Duncan Jones and Alex De Campi (and a murderer's row of artists) debuted Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future, a science fiction comic on Kickstarter today Rich Johnston wrote about Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future before here, highlighting some of Jones and De Campi's thoughts about the project. A piece of[...]
And now there's a new Bad Karma in town, from Alex De Campi, Ryan Howe & Dee Cunniffe, published from Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin's pay-what-you-want Panel Syndicate digital publisher De Campi is one of the greatest living comic book writers, although she's managed to work in relative obscurity, including a forgotten-by-everyone-but-me look at[...]
While that project appears to be stalling a bit Jones is now working with legendary comic creator and innovator, and former Bleeding Cool columnist, Alex De Campi on a new sci-fi graphic novel that is to form the third part of his thematic sci-fi trilogy, following Moon and Mute, named Madi: Once Upon A Time[...]
Alex de Campi Erica Henderson Dracula, Motherf**ker
Image Comics has announced a new original graphic novel coming by Alex de Campi and Erica Henderson Called Dracula, Motherf**ker, the pulp pyschological horror is set to hit stores in October. Straddling two different timelines, Dracula, Motherf**ker travels between Vienna, 1889 where Dracula's brides nail him to the bottom of his coffin and Los Angeles, 1974:[...]
Enchanted Chest & Oothar the Blue: Lion Forge May 2018 Solicits
With new faces showing up on the block offering both aid and harm, is Daniel ready for the next set of challenges that face him?In Shops: May 09, 2018SRP: $14.99   CATALYST PRIME ASTONISHER #7MAR181765(W) Alex De Campi (A) Pop Mhan, Jessica Kholinne (CA) Cully HamnerMagnus is on the outs with his only two supporters, Sasha and[...]
Judge Dredd and Mecha-Farm Animals from Rebellion March 2018 Solicits
in the last episode of the current series of Lawless by Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade; Cursed Earth Koburn is caught in the centre of outright chaos in 'The Law of the Cursed Earth' by Rory McConville and Carlos Ezquerra; the dimensional wall is breaking apart in the DREDD movie sequel 'The Dead World' by[...]
Alex De Campi Teases Twisted Romance, A New Comic Coming In February
Alex de Campi has teased what appears to be a new comic book anthology series called Twisted Romance, which she says is coming in February The name is extrapolated from the portions of the title visible in the following image: Unless, of course, the comic is actually titled Fisted Bromance, which would take things in a[...]