Brian Bendis, Kevin Maguire, And Guardians Of The Galaxy – Saturday Trending Topics

marvel-logo-squareLooks like it was an interesting Saturday for comics news while I was off at Wizard World Chicago Yesterday. Kevin Maguire drawing an issue of Guardians of the Galaxy? Yep, that works.

Most-Read Comic Stories Saturday:

Brian Bendis Announces Kevin Maguire On Guardians Of The Galaxy

Well that was fast.

Marvel Ends Retailer Digital Comics Reimbursement Program 

Well now it seems the program is no more. Sorry Gangnam-style Deadpool, we hardly knew you…

Robert Venditti Stresses The Importance Of Green Lantern: Relic #23.1

In a tweet this evening, writer Robert Venditti says the script for Green Lantern: Relic #23.1 is off to the printer… and a bit more…

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Saturday:

New Captain America Clip Was Premiered At D23, Chris Evans Updates On Cap's Situation 

As well as showing the Comic Con reel again – and it was good stuff, so I'd have been glad to see it – there was also the premiere of a new scene in rough form. This showed Cap and Black Widow on board a SHIELD vehicle – it flies but was likely too small to be another Helicarrier. They're gearing up for a parachute jump and flirting a little.

Meet The Characters Of Disney And Marvel's Big Hero 6… In The Fog

This lineup of the Big Hero 6 characters makes them seem like shadows in the fog.

Max Landis Breaks My Heart With Promises Of A Chronicle Sequel We'll Never See

Tonight's tweets from Max Landis are addressing the Chronicle sequel he was developing and which 20th Century Fox decided not to pursue.


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