Convention Catastrophe: Free Con Season Comic Tells You How Not To Help A Pro In Need

The comics team of Troy Wilson, Mario A. Gonzalez, Iván Escalante Victoria, and Jose M. Balanzario created this con-season comic a few years ago for a Ronin Studios charity anthology called Hope: The Hero Initiative, but the rights having reverted to the team, they thought they'd share it with another generation of con-goers and those who share similar concerns for helping out comic creators in need.

Meet "The Road to Hell is Paved with All-in-one Guns", providing some much-needed humor before you wade into the con crowds this season to support your favorite creators. Enjoy.

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And here's some information about each of the team-members on this comic:

Troy Wilson is the author of Perfect Man, a picture book that a) celebrates its 10th anniversary this month, and b) has garnered praise from the likes of Steven Grant, Roger Stern, and Stan Lee. Though Wilson is best known for his all-ages work, this posted story is definitely not for kids.

Mario A. Gonzalez is the writer-artist behind the popular webcomics Wyliman and Clink. He is also a stand-up comedian and untrained fireman. He likes creating goofy stories for his own dumb amusement. This is one of his few glorious collaborations with Troy Wilson. You can point and laugh at Mario here.

Iván Escalante Victoria is a digital comic book artist and freelance illustrator. He has published several books for kids, including Reggie the Veggie and Rockstar Super Diva, both for the Stan Lee Kids Universe. He began his career with Atomix Magazine, and he currently works for Viper Comics.  He is also a digital arts professor at a local university.

Jose M. Balanzario works as an animator for feature length projects and television series at a Mexican animation studio.  Eventually he hopes to devote more time to his own projects, but for now you can see his work at his Tumblr.

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