Will Doomsday Clock Bring Back the Legion and the Justice Society? And What's With Shazam?

Brian Salvatore interviewed DC co-publisher Dan DiDio for Multiversity after the site had voted it publisher of the year. Damn, so that's how they do it. Anyway, after talking through the performance, the plans and the comics for the year, we got some answers on some projects that have been teasing folk for a while. What's happening with Captain Marvel/Shazam, the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Justice Society of America, all teased by DC Rebirth Special but none making it to publication yet.

Will Doomsday Clock Bring Back the Legion and the Justice Society? And What's With Shazam?
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DiDio replied,

with Shazam, we have the right team, we're just waiting for them to be available. That's one of the cases there. With a lot of this stuff, it's interesting with characters like Shazam, and you know what, there's a couple of books that constantly come up, Shazam, Legion of Super-Heroes, and Justice Society of America.

A couple of those are actually tied to an event story that's taking place right now, and hopefully we'll be able to come out of that in a way that gives it a lift, and hopefully brings new attention and new eyes to those books so they can live a long, healthy life.

With Shazam, we're really just waiting for one particular creative team to come free. They've expressed so much interest in it that we're just holding it for them until that period of time.

So… regarding JSA and LoSH… Doomsday Clock, since Geoff Johns teased those initially in DC Rebirth, and there's time travel involved in both? Or will Metal beat it to the punch? Hell, what of the Fascist Future Batman from… oh just pick one, there are loads right now.

Once, in the midst of time, Bleeding Cool told you what the JSA DC Rebirth plan was, but things change.

Not only will this active team of superheroes be revealed, along with an explanation as to why no one remembers them, but they will be brought forward, young, to the present days, fishes out of water, fighting alongside the Justice League of America.

DC Comics has stated that a JSA comic is planned. And Bryan Hitch has talked about having JSA plans too…

While DC Comics keeps having someone who might be Lightning Lass of the Legion of Super-Heroes pop up in DC Rebirth, The Button and Supergirl. So there have to be plans there too. And we have a group of writers of whom one is the writer of a new Legion project…

But Shazam? No idea. They have a movie planned in 2019, so probably before then…


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