Donny Cates, God Country, Guardians, and Punk Rock; Talking with Geoff Shaw

Earlier this summer I got a chance to talk and ask questions of Geoff Shaw at ACE Comic Con in Seattle.  Due to technical issues this video was unusable until now.  All the parts of this interview are still timely though as Geoff Shaw talks about his history and future working on comics.

Highlights include:

When people talk about what book he is known for the most Geoff says it is God Country, though he is asked to sketch and draw Cosmic Ghost Rider and Thanos the most now.

Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw attended graduate school together and after doing Buzzkills for Dark Horse that led to God Country at Image, then Thanos, then Cosmic Ghost Rider and Guardians of the Galaxy together.

After doing God Country Donny and Geoff were talking about Scooby-Doo over the phone and Donny started talking about his new gig on Thanos.  The idea of a Ghost Rider in space is one that Donny had had for a while and his other ideas for his Thanos arc were the most "punk rock" ideas Geoff had ever heard and he had to be a part of it.

This "punk rock vibe" lead to the "cheesy" "goofy" design that Geoff did for Cosmic Ghost Rider. Designed to be fun, different from Jonny Blaze, but still kill you in a second, both Donny and Geoff were surprised by how much fans took to Cosmic Ghost Rider.

Donny Cates love of Punk Rock led to his simple request for Geoff to make Groot "punk", hence the inclusion of his tree spike "hairdo".

Originally after Thanos, Geoff was supposed to start work on his next creator-owned project with Donny at Image, but Marvel asked for him to join Donny on Guardians of the Galaxy after Thanos Wins! did so well. Geoff agreed to six issues of interiors but is now done doing Marvel interior work, except for covers, while he works on their next project.

Donny Cates, God Country, Guardians, and Punk Rock; Talking with Geoff Shaw

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