Don't Miss Out On Oddly Normal Vol. 2 TP Out This Week

Multi-talented Otis Frampton's comic Oddly Normal has been one of the most enjoyable series to read. After ten issues, Oddly Normal has been collected into two graphic novels. This week brings the release of Oddly Normal Vol. 2 which includes issues 6-10.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Otis Frampton in August, and during that interview he announced that after issue #10 Oddly Normal would be released solely in graphic novel form.

Otis said:

Speaking of issues and chapters… issue #10 will be the last single issue of the series. Sales of individual issues have not been as strong as Image or I had hoped. But sales of Book 1 have been strong. So strong that it has already gone into a second printing. So Image and I have decided to stop putting out individual issues and start putting out books only. Each book will have the same format, consisting of five chapters each.

The series was actually originally intended to be a series of long GNs. But I decided to pitch it to comic publishers on a whim and got offers from two. When I decided to go with Image, I was excited to be in a position to do single issues. But I kept the "chapter" format just in case this ever happened.

It hasn't been announced yet. But readers who get Previews each month might notice that issue #11 has not been solicited. And that's why… there won't be an issue #11 on the comic shop shelf. But CHAPTER 11 will be in Book 3, which will come out May 2016.

To read the rest of that interview, visit the link below. You'll also find some of the reviews I wrote about the issues that are included in Oddly Normal Vol. 2. (However, be weary of spoilers depending on how much of Oddly Normal you've read.) Whether you're new to the series or a religious reader like myself, I highly suggest picking up these beautifully illustrated graphic novels.


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