Extinction Parade Volume One Is Coming… Are You Ready For The Zombie Hoardes?

Max Brooks of World War Z fame, and Raulo Carceres have crafted a comic in Extinction Parade from Avatar Press that turns the vampire and zombie genres on their head by melding them and leaving the two to fight it out. Which will survive?

The premise of Extinction Parade, that vampires have become so powerful and decadent, nay self-assured in their manipulation and quiet domination of humankind that they feel they are well beyond all threats…until a devastating zombie plague starts sapping their human food-sources, is one with startling implications about how we as humans fail to predict our own potential resource-strapped demise.

Didn't know it was coming to trade collection? That's because it's not being featured until May's Previews, but we thought we'd give you a little heads up. Nothing like fair warning, as I'm sure Extinction Parade will teach you. Make sure to pre-order the collection (containing issues #1-5 and a massive art gallery) from your local retailer or online from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Here's the ordering info you'll need to guarantee you snag a copy:

Extinction Parade, a softcover graphic novel with color interiors, 6.5′′ x 9.5′′, 160 pages.

– ISBN 978-1-59291-234-6
– $19.99 (US)

And here's a look at the rather bone-chilling trade cover:

ExtinctionParade-vol-1 (2)


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