Fairly OK Heroes: Judge Dredd The Cape And Cowl Crimes

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Judge Dredd is one of comic books most bad ass heroes. He's not super by any means, but that doesn't matter. In Judge Dredd: The Cape and Cowls Crimes he goes head to head with a few other superhero parodies in this book, each funnier than the last.

dreddhyperman_editedThe first story, "Fairly HyperMan" is a great way to open the book. When Dredd comes face to face with an actual cape (and hilarious Superman parody) by the name of Fairly HyperMan, Dredd isn't amused nor impressed. Fairly HyperMan has indeed taken crime reduction into his own hands (at the behest of Dredd), but in doing so he's also broken laws as well. It's up to Dredd to stop him, but can he?

My favorite story is "Chicken Run" written by Alan Grant and John Wagner. The story in itself is classically-fun Dredd. It's gloriously violent and gory, and un-apologetically brutal, thanks to artist Simon Bisley. Bisley's art is ruthless. The colors are bold and striking, due largely to the fact that Bisley likely painted this story. His attention to detail is absurd and great. The way he draws Dredd as being imposing and brutal is nothing short of beautiful.


If you've never read a Dredd comic in your life, don't worry. This book is a very easy read and a good jumping off point. The book even has a "Mega-City" speak section to catch everyone up to speed. The book has an eclectic mix of writers such as Andy Lanning, Steve White, and Robbie Morrison. Each of them creates an easy to understand one shot story that wraps itself up nicely. The stories are all brutal as hell, but that's half the appeal of Judge Dredd. If you haven't picked up a copy of Judge Dredd: The Cape and Cowls Crimes yet, get out there and buy it.


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