Five Things You Can Get At San Diego Comic Con

1. An Education

You won't get this going to the Twilight panel. Nor the Walking Dead panel. Not even at Big Bang.

But from 10.30 to noon on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you can attend three sessions of Comic Book Law School with IP attorney Michael Lovitz, each eligible for 1.5 credits of California MCLE.)

The first lesson, is about copyright, trademark and IP protection of your comic work and ideas, including an interative discussion. For comic book creators and attorneys alike.

The second looks at when happens when Hollywood wants to option your idea – or anyone really. All the pitfalls and possibilities on merchandising, licensing, distribution and who pays the bilas at the Sky bar.

The third lesson, looks at legal lessons from current technology, including "infringements, misuse, tarnishment, dilution, knockoffs, lawsuits, satires, parodies, fair use, blogs, podcasts, tweets, and cybersquatters". And Michael is joined by attorneys David Branfmanb, David Lizerbram, and Marc Greenberg discussing recent, current and pending cases.

2. Your Money Back

Con is expensive, we all know that. So how do you pay for it all? How about flipping stuff on eBay? Lots of exclusive and limited stuff being sold at the show, and people won't be able to queue for everything simultaneously. Just watch out for fauxclusives, items that be sold elsewhere and online after the show…

Five Things You Can Get At San Diego Comic ConFive Things You Can Get At San Diego Comic ConFive Things You Can Get At San Diego Comic Con

Five Things You Can Get At San Diego Comic ConFive Things You Can Get At San Diego Comic Con Five Things You Can Get At San Diego Comic Con

Take a photo of yourself holding the item, put it on eBay with the label "in hand" and watch as people who couldn't get away from a wedding in Texas fight against each other for one.  But also grab anything vaguely branded such as hotel key cards, do not disturb signs and any of the free masks, hats , flags, whatever, that get handed out as well…

I'm not saying you'll make a big profit. But it might just pay for a night in the bar.

3. Comics

Sure, you can see TV shows, movies, cast and crew, and all that, from hundred of metres away. Seriously, it doesn't matter how famous the star, from the tenth row up, you'll find yourself just watching the big screens. And you'll be able to see all this reported online. Give it up. Instead… go to the comics publishers, the small press and Artists Alley and load up on the greatest comic books, many of which will only be sold at the show. You'll be able to talk up close to the biggest and best comic book creators on the planet, in a way you just can't do with the cast of The Walking Dead. And collect a stack head sketches, signatures and great, personalised reading to take away with you. As well as the "moment" you shared with Whilce Portacio.

And if you really really want to see the cast of the Big Bang Theory, don't queue up overnight, just go to the Hilton bar after eleven. That's what I did last year. You know, the guy who plays Sheldon is a generous tipper.

4. Next Year's Show

It seems odd that, after last year when all the Four Night + Preview Night tickets for 2011 were sold at the 2010 show, the first and longest queue will probably the ticket booth for next year's show. It's the only way to guarantee yourself entrance into San Diego 2012, and will be the only way into next year's Preview Night. It will seem deeply ironic if Preview Night 2012 tickets sell out on Preview Night 2011, creating a perpetual Wednesday clique forever.

5. Laid

Okay, this may not be Dragon*Con. But those long nights at the bar, all those skimpy costumes under the heat, and the holiday feeling of San Diego Comic Con does drop all manner of people's inhibitions. I first came to the show in 1996 and discovered that West Coasters have no immunity against an English accent whatsoever, unlike the blase New Yorkers. Just, you know, play safe. I think William Christensen at the Avatar Booth may still have some of the Garth Ennis Dicks condoms left. Anyway, people are already organising hook ups for the week on Craigslist.

Comic Con – m4w – 26 (Gaslamp)

Hey there ladies, im going to be down in SD from july 18-24, im looking for someone to have some fun with. maybe something more, lets get together and have some fun. im 5'-8", 28yo, and 170, im very fit and athletic. im looking for anyone, not specific on age can be 18 or 60 just as long as you are fun. what do you say?

oral and bottom stud visiting for pride and comic con need suggestion – 35

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me: Asian 5'10" 170 lbs fit hit gym often muscular toned body. Also I will be hitting gym every day while I am in SD too..

long term hang out whater thing? – mw4w – 23 (down town SD)

ok me and my very close girl friend are looking for a younger girl, but i told her older is cooler so prove me wrong. We would like to have you hang out with us at Comic Con and any other cool things to do around. Just hang out any old wear it be ghost hunting or going to the hooka bar or bar hopping lol. going to have a extra Con ticket next year also so if your haning with us we get free tickets to about anything cuz we got the hook ups hehehe

Me- 25yr old, male, str8 , 185lbs, five'9, athletic normal, funny out going, silly, sane, smart , skilled, leather worker, matcher, lade back and easy going.

Her- 23yr old, female, bi, 145lbs, five'8, athletic strong, goofy, smart ass, out going, random, skilled , make up artist, matcher when she wants to be, lade back surfer girl with a tom boy look.

You- 18 to 38yrs i rather you be older but my girl friend rather you be younger so will see how it gos lol, height dos not matter, just be like us and you will be fine, geek would be awesome or some type of nerd would fit us ha ha , we are totally cool with str8/ bi /gay so don't worry will think your cool. could you plz be drama free cuz we don't like drama ok thanks for reading.

Remember, what happens at Con, stays at Con.

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