Flashpoint Thursday

In advance of DC's likely Flashpoint Friday tomorrow, here's a little fillip on the cancelled title creators and the new Flashpoint mini-series.

Tony Bedard may be losing R.E.B.E.L.S. but he will gain Flashpoint : Emperor Aquaman #1-#3 with Ardian Syaf, fresh off Brightest Day.

Abnett & Lanning will be writing Flashpoint : Wonder Woman And The Furies #1-#3 with Scott Clark on art, also off Brightest Day, and Flashpoint : Lois Lane And The Resistance #1-#3 with Harvey Tolibao.

Keith Giffen won't be working on Flashpoint books, but expect something new from him post-Flashpoint. Although there is already a campaign to save Doom Patrol as we speak

Add to that the George Perez/Peter Milligan Secret Seven, you've got yourself quite the occasion.

I don't suppose, considering that Milligan is British, it could look like a bit like this?

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