Friday Runaround – Bill Rosemann Wants To Lecture You

LectureWatch: Your Man @ Marvel, Bill Rosemann has lectured at his old college, Notre Dame.

"In the Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter Parker dies and Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Hispanic teenager becomes the new Spider-Man," Rosemann said. "After launching the story, we received hate mail, [but there] can be a Spider-man that is not white.

OriginWatch: The hideous, disgusting and insidious effect of Watchmen on… fonts.

ConWatch: Leeds' ThoughtBubble comic convention in a couple of weeks is leaking into nearby city Bradford.

The main event is a comic convention centred on the Royal Armouries on the weekend of November 18 to 20, with other events in Leeds and Bradford in the run up to that.

ClassWatch: French Canadians get schooled.

Roux, whose books have been distributed across Canada and French-speaking European countries, tries to teach students to respect and take care of their books as well. He says it is important for young people to know how books are made, from cutting down trees to the binding.

"It gives them an example of the whole creative process," he said.

Friday Runaround – Bill Rosemann Wants To Lecture YouThis is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Exclusive: Simon Kinberg Writing X-Men: First Class Sequel | Superhero Hype

SuperHeroHype has learned that Simon Kinberg is writing the sequel to 20th Century Fox's X-Men: First Class,

Steve Rude Update

"one of the dog-owning neighbors confronted Rude verbally, followed by the other when the first one retreated inside. Rude says this quickly became verbally abusive, and included an invite for Steve to come over to where the second neighbor, a male, was standing. This ends with Rude ripping the neighbor's shirt and shoving him backwards, causing the second neighbor to also go indoors. This would be the basis of the assault charge."

Interview: comiXology CEO David Steinberger on Digital Comics, Pricing, & The New 52 | Screen Rant

You know, out of the last ten years, only three of those years have not been growth years for comic sales. Of course, those down years happen to be the last three consecutive years which, of course, coincides with the general recession. We believe the comic book medium is incredibly resilient and that when the economy bounces back, so will general print sales.

Winter Soldier Liveblog | Captain America | Comic News | News |

This February, Bucky Barnes returns in the new WINTER SOLDIER ongoing series by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice! Brubaker and editor Tom Brevoort joined a Next Big Thing liveblog to discuss the particulars, and you can check out all the details for yourself below…

Legion Lost #3 (Comic Excerpt) by DC Comics |

Presenting an excerpt from the upcoming third issue of Legion Lost, out on November 9th from DC Comics. Questions abound: What does Timber Wolf have in common with Red Rage, a creature that eats the marrow from its victim's bones? What secret does Tyroc hide in plain sight? And what frightening truth does Tellus uncover?

Exclusive Preview: DEATHSTROKE #3 – Comic Vine

Deathstroke is a killer. He's not one to mess around. He had the nickname 'The Terminator.' If there's one thing the current DEATHSTROKE series is not short on, it's violence and action. DC Comics has given us an exclusive first look at issue #3.

In this preview of DC's Frankenstein, a vampire with a machine gun needs no introduction

Here's an exclusive preview of the third issue, in which Frankenstein and his team get swamped by a living tide of skittering exoskeleton.

The Daily Cross Hatch » Blog Archive » Interview: Susie Cagle Talks Occupy Oakland

Susie Cagle was teargassed yesterday, ducked on the sidewalk in an attempt to avoid rubber bullets from police weapons. The cartoonist has spent much of her past week camped out at Occupy Oakland, gathering fodder for an illustrated history of the movement (one you can help fund here, if so inclined), and by sheer presence, becoming a part of the event.

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