A New X-Men TV Cartoon Series Announced Later This Year?


I have been informed, from sources close to the previously-mentioned Marvel creative summit from last week that, as well as return to the fore for X-Men comics with X-Men ResurrXion, we should expect a lot more from the mutants in 2017.

Specific details are scant. Marvel dialled down their X-Men exposure after a massive fallout between Marvel and Fox Studios, who own the Fantastic Four and X-Men movies rights. The Fantastic Four titles were cancelled and the X-Men titles, while still published, saw them removed from almost all licensing – games, toys, statues, posters, clothing, cartoons and the like. They weren't used by any Marvel-generated promotional operations and were notably absent from Marvel's promotions of their own comic book line.

Since then, Marvel's own civil war between Marvel Studios and the rest of the company, that saw the Studios split from Marvel and report directly to Disney, has seen a bit of a ceasefire. Peace hasn't exactly broken out, but co-operation over the new Fox X-Men TV shows like the upcoming Legion,  and even cooperation over the movie Deadpool, has seen a return from the comics division to the X-Men titles.

And yes, that also means licenses, games, toys, statues, posters, T-shirts, and being acknowledged by the publisher on the front of catalogues,  promotional outreaches…

…and a cartoon.

The X-Men animated series has been much missed and, although the characters have appeared in other Marvel cartoons of late, they haven't held their own series, even as the movies have performed well in cinemas.

I understand that, later in 2017, we will get the announcement of a cartoon as well that's part of the X-Men family.

And, yes, as part of Marvel's meat-and-potatoes in the comics, you'll be getting Wolverine back too.

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