Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home – A Fantasy Miniseries. Writer/Creator: Todd Black. Penciler/Inker: Dinh Nguyen. Colorist: Bethany Varni. Letterer: Zakk Saam. Kickstarter Launches Oct. 5th, ends November 6th

A new comic Kickstarter dares to ask the question, "Where is your home?" For one blue-haired woman named Elysia, the answer may be not as simple as she believes. A journey of danger, discovery, and destiny is about to begin.

Todd Black writes,

Where is your home? It may be a question that has a quick answer for some, but for others, it's not so simple. Cause for them, home isn't where they want to be. Or it isn't what they thought it would be. A young woman named Elysia is having those questions herself.


In Home, a fantasy miniseries that will hopefully be funded on Kickstarter, my team and I delve deep into the life of Elysia. A young woman who is stuck in life. Her parents have passed, she has no friends, and she is constantly tormented by people because she was born with natural blue hair. These looks and comments about her hair have beaten her down throughout her life, and yet, she loves who she is, she just wishes for something better, something different.

That's when she sees "The Code", a living computer code, that Elysia can use to manipulate certain parts of her environment. "So, Elysia now has superpowers?" Not quite. The Code isn't everywhere, and she can't choose when it shows up, or what it does. This becomes truly evident when she accidentally opens up a portal to another dimension, and then gets pulled inside. Elysia finds herself in the realm of Altaria, a dimension filled with feral monsters, futuristic knights, and the origins of The Code.

Now in a place totally different than her own world, Elysia must adapt on the fly, help out the mysterious people of Altaria, and try and find a way back home…if there is a way home.


As the creator of Home, I really wanted to do something I thought was both visual engaging, while also very personal, something that many people could relate to. Visually, between The Code, the Knights of Altaria, the look of Altaria (which I think will surprise people), and how we're going to show off our monsters The Schrief, there's a lot of cool fantasy elements.

But what grounds this story in reality is Elysia. Blue hair aside, she's as "normal" as normal can be. She has dealt with a lot of the struggles people her age have gone through, and more. Elysia I see as a representation of what people sometimes go through in life, and yet she powers on. She's constantly looked upon as an outcast cause of her hair, yet she loves who she is. She has to work a dead-end job that she actually had to "push along" to get, yet she does the job to the best of her abilities, cause she knows she needs it in order to live. A lot of people have been through that, I have been through it, and in some ways still am. After hearing her story in the beginning of Home #1, I feel you will not only connect with Elysia, but you'll root for her throughout the miniseries. Especially once things start getting crazy as she arrives in Altaria.


I love character stories, I do those with my current ongoing superhero series Guardians, and I'm going to do that with Home, and I hope you'll join me as this tale unfolds. None of which would be made without my team. Dinh Nguyen, Bethany Varni, Zakk Saam, these are some really talented people, and I want Home, and its Kickstarter, to succeed not just for me, but for them, cause they've put in a lot of work both with the artwork and the promotion to help make Home a success.

So how can you help? Well, our Kickstarter launches on the 5th of October, and will go into November. You can spread the word about Home by "Like"-ing the Facebook page for it, and sharing it around. We have a bunch of art on there already, with more to come as we draw closer to the Kickstarter.

Of course, when the Kickstarter launches, please pledge, and share the word about that as well. We have some really cool rewards. From getting drawn into the comic, to being drawn on a special cover, to becoming a recurring character as one of the Knights of Altaria! We even have gotten cosplayer AZ Powergirl to help out by making a variant cover for Home #1, and, she's going to be making a cosplay of Elysia. Of which she will do a special photoshoot and have the prints as part of the $25 reward tier.


But, because this is Bleeding Cool, let's have a special reward shall we? If we reach certain marks of our goal within the first week, our goal is $2500 for the record, I'll add to the reward tiers. If we reach $1000, I'll give every backer digital copies of the first 6 issues of Guardians, my superhero series, for free. If we reach $2000 in the first week, I'll make the first ten. We reach $2500? I'll make sure everyone gets all 12 issues, plus the thirteenth issue when it comes out. All of that, plus the rewards you were getting anyway by pledging! No such thing as too many comics, right?


On behalf of the team of Home, I thank you for reading this, and I hope you'll pledge to our Kickstarter, and spread the word. Where is your home? Help us find out!

Email me at blackmagicwolfproductions@gmail.com for questions.

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