How Young Avengers Got Its Squee Back – MASSIVE SPOILERS For #8

I tell you now. There will be major, massive spoilers in this article for Young Avengers #8. Simply because the only way to explain how Young Avengers got its squee back is to show you. I've debated with myself for whole minutes over this and there is no other way.

It is possible that, like me, you have been disappointed with Young Avengers, if you came off of Journey Into Mystery. Some of the pizazz of that most seminal series directed by Kieron Gillen, had been lost. Oh sure, the Young Avengers are fun and all, the dialogue and characters were sparky, and the playing with the form was rather spectacular, but it was lacking, certainly in comparison, with the squee.

This issue, by Kireon Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, published today, is everything you are waiting for baby, and justifies Gillen's comments "wait till issue 8"

But there are spoilers. For those who have dropped the book, it may be enough to bring you back.

For those who have just been reading Young Avengers, it may be enough to make you go back and buy the trades of JIM to discover the identity of a certain women herein. But you should probably just wait for the comic.

For those of you who have read JIM and Young Avengers... stop. Go back. Wait till your local comic store opens.

And for those of you on Tumblr who just want the squee to cut and paste… well, this post was written for you.


Spoilers. It is possible I may have mentioned those. First though a little panel play. The book has been rather experimental with its use of comic book storytelling abilities and we return to those this issue.


In this cross between Sliders and Time Bandits (and they totally steal one separation plot point from the latter) we have the Young Avengers flipping from dimension to dimension in hunt of a Patriot-type. In fact there's one particular skyscape which is both spoilery and squee but I'm not even touching on that. There must be some surprise.


Exactly. You could possibly apply that to this whole post. But we do get the return of someone very familiar.


This is where JIM fans lose their shit. I know I just did. And we do get a little unexpected interplay as well, to close out the issue.


"Cap'n, cap'n, we're at Squee Factor nine point eight, the engines canna take it. We must eject the Tumblr core!"

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently running the following exhibition.


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