Prodigy #1 Review: Mark Millar Lives Up to his Own Hype

SUMMARY: Writer: Mark Millar, Artist: Rafael Albuquerque, Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo, Letterer: Peter Doherty, Production: Melina Mikulic, Cover Artists: Frank Quitely, Rafael Albuquerque, Editor: Rachael Fulton, Publisher: Image Comics, Release Date: 5th December 2018, Price: $3.99. Mark Millar's confidence is, of course, very annoying. He unashamedly boasts about every new project and its imminent cross- media […]

[Review] Netflix's Latest Psychological Thriller 'Prodigy' Excels

Streaming services continue to serve as incubators and homes for indie and low-budget productions that only a few years ago would have only had a limited opportunity for an audience. However, times have changed, and now we can come across little gems like Prodigy, a laser-focused psychological thriller from first time feature writing and directing […]

Prodigy: Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque Team Up for New Netflix Comic

Scottish comic book mogul and Russian TV star Mark Millar will team up with superstar artist Rafael Albuquerque for the next Millarworld comic book project under Netflix. Called Prodigy, the first issue will also feature a variant cover by Özgür Yildirim. Here's how the new comic is described in the press release: In Prodigy, the world's […]

Iceman coming out day

National Coming Out Day: 5 Superheroes Who Came Out Of The Closet

Today is National Coming Out Day: a day of LGBTQ awareness and a celebration of the act of coming out — openly revealing your true romantic, sexual, or gender identity to friends and family. This can be done as a form of active resistance to the environment of silence and ignorance that leads to homophobia […]

Cover to America #8 by Joe Quinones

Marvel Legacy America #8 Review: Question Authority

America has returned home after learning her family history from her grandmother, Madrimar. Unfortunately, there have been some changes at Sotomayor University, among which is a new professor in charge of relations between the faculty and students. Things get a bit weirder from there and not in the good way, at least, not for America […]

New Black Panther Commentary Features World Premiere Prodigy Song

With issue #3 of the new Black Panther series hitting shops today, Marvel Comics is continuing to spotlight the new book by putting out a video commentary with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. The video mixes Brian Stelfreeze art from the series, Coates' commentary and music, with this second part comes the world premiere of "Beast with It" by […]

How Young Avengers Got Its Squee Back – MASSIVE SPOILERS For #8

I tell you now. There will be major, massive spoilers in this article for Young Avengers #8. Simply because the only way to explain how Young Avengers got its squee back is to show you. I've debated with myself for whole minutes over this and there is no other way. It is possible that, like […]