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4 Reasons Marvel Needs to Make a "Young Avengers" Movie

So despite our odds of another Avengers film for a while, there's still room for a loophole with the lesser-known Young Avengers.As Disney+ gears up for a release with multiple series based on characters from the MCU, it only seems logical to wonder where Marvel will take on in future phases of their universe[...]

Young Avengers Relaunch in 2020 - To Replace Champions?

Young Avengers Relaunch in 2020 – To Replace Champions?

Marvel Comics #1000 initially had a much greater tease for a new Young Avengers series, but that was edited back before publication But now we hear that yes, Marvel Comics is planning to publish a new Young Avengers series next year Just don't expect Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung, there's a brand new creative team[...]

Is Marvel Planting the Seeds for the Young Avengers?

Cassie goes on to be a member of the Young Avengers, and Heroic Hollywood asked Kevin Feige if they were planning on the Young Avengers joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Well… sure And both of those you just mentioned [Runaways and Cloak and Dagger] we talked about for a long time and they went over to[...]

Exiles #1 cover by David Marquez and Matthew Wilson

Exiles #1 Review: A Bright, Colorful, and Exciting New Start

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Unseen (former Nick Fury) stands witness on the moon to an impending threat to the multiverse. A "Time-Eater" is consuming universes one-by-one and nears our Earth (616). Another Nick Fury delivers the Tallus to the moon before expiring. It summons Blink to the moon, and the Unseen explains the threat of the […]

Hawkeye #16 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Hawkeye #16 Review: A Smart and Sincere Finale for the Hawkeyes

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Hawkeye Kate Bishop and Hawkeye Clint Barton are cornered and entering their final confrontation with Eden Vale and Madame Masque. Things look bleak, but Kate has a few ideas that may be just bad enough to work. Alas, Hawkeye #16 is the final installment of Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero's excellent take on […]

America #12 cover by Joe Quinones

America #12 Review: A Photo Finish to a Unique and Endearing Series

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] America is intent on saving her homeworld of Fuertona from La Legion. To do so, she calls upon the power of the the star Uzum, which is a mass of glowing material lodged in Fuertona. With this, America hopes to defeat La Legion for good and save her grandmother, Madrimar. America #12 arrives at a […]


Loki to be Pansexual and Gender Fluid in New Series of Marvel Anti-Hero Books in 2019

Similarly, in the Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers run, he stated how Asgardians didn't have concepts like straight and gay, and so such things don't factor into his own sexuality.In Al Ewing and Lee Garbett's Loki: Agent of Asgard, Loki changed shape and gender a few times.Sadly, readers have a little while to wait[...]

Iceman coming out day

National Coming Out Day: 5 Superheroes Who Came Out Of The Closet

It's important to understand how difficult a time it can be for those wanting to finally be honest and share this part of themselves with the world.For others, it can be a moment of self-realisation, such as Prodigy in Young Avengers Coming out as bisexual, as he shares it was something which came to him[...]

Cover to America #8 by Joe Quinones

Marvel Legacy America #8 Review: Question Authority

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] America has returned home after learning her family history from her grandmother, Madrimar. Unfortunately, there have been some changes at Sotomayor University, among which is a new professor in charge of relations between the faculty and students. Things get a bit weirder from there and not in the good way, at least, not […]

America Chavez

Why Marvel Needs To Make America Chavez A Goddess

I touched on this with my America #7 review, and, even then, I saw this spinning off into a full article. So here we go. To start, I just want to point out that America Chavez's backstory is already very mythological in nature. It tells an ethereal tale of near-perfect worlds formed by goddesses in […]

America #7 Review: A Goddess For The New Age

I’ve yet to read Vengeance, and I’m just now going back and collecting the run of Young Avengers in which she starred However, I came to know her through Al Ewing’s Ultimates run, which sadly ended recently.She’s a badass brawler with immense strength and the ability to punch star-holes in dimensions[...]

Marvel Generations: Hawkeye And Hawkeye, A Perfect Pairing

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] This one slipped past me somehow. I'm sad; this was the Generations one-shot I was most looking forward too, and I somehow missed it when the week it was released. In any case, Kate Bishop finds Clint Barton locked in a deadly competition of the best marksmen in the world. After convincing young […]

Bleeding Cool Celebrates LGBTQ Creators For Pride Month

He and longtime partner-in-comics Jamie McKelvie won the 2013 GLAAD Outstanding Comic Book Award for Young Avengers, a nearly all-LGBTQ+ superhero team (badass) But for me, there’s no Gillen comic more influential than The Wicked + The Divine Aside from the wonderful crew of dynamic, powerful queer characters, my personal affinity for WicDiv began within Luci’s[...]

On This Day In Pop Culture History For February 9

And if you have not seen it, go right now and watch the documentary King of Kong. We are introduced to the Young Avengers!The Young Avengers first form in Young Avengers #1 (February 9, 2005) — This Day In Comics (@thisdayincomics) 9 February 2017  Notable Video Games releases include Contra on the NES (1988), Bioshock 2[...]

Kieron Gillen's Spotlight At San Diego – This Time He's Bringing His Mum

And of course, who better to pull the details of his rise in popularity and success than his longtime partner in creativity, Jamie McKelvie.We start with a big cheer from a roomful of The Wicked + The Divine fans, followed by Jamie and Kieron taking their seats to be awarded by Comic-Con International for their[...]

Marvel Clears Out Omnibus Stock – Infinity Gauntlet To Young Avengers…

Now, the cream of the crop is presented in one deluxe, oversized hardcover! That's right, it's the best of the best from Marvel's 75-year publishing history - from the Golden Age to Marvel NOW! - as chosen by you, the loyal fans! So face front, True Believers, and prepare to relive 75 years of greatness[...]

Marvel And DC Amazon Fishing – Including A Gillen And McKelvie Young Avengers Omnibus

But at least this gives us an idea of some of the big book collections on the way...Epic Collection Captain America Lives Again Tales Of Suspense (1959) 58-96, Avengers (1963) 4, Strange Tales (1951) 114 Silver Surfer: When Calls Galactus Fantastic Four (1961) 48-50, 55, 57-60, 72, 74-77; Material From Tales To Astonish (1959) 92-93, Fantastic Four (1961) 56, 61,[...]