"It's Only A Model" – Watch This Time-Lapse Construction Of Hogwarts

As impressive as this model of Hogwarts is, I can't help but feel that the epic Carmina Burana-esque music is a little bit too much.

The Warner Bros Studio Tour opens at the end of this month in Watford, just north of London, and to get people hyped the studio have released the first teaser for the tour. It's a time lapse construction of the model that was used for aerial shots and digitally scanned to create CGI shots of the castle for all eight of the Harry Potter movies. According to WB,

The Hogwarts castle model that was used throughout filming will be the grand finale of the Studio Tour. It is reported to have taken an astonishing 74 years worth of man power to create as it was constantly evolving to include new elements as each film demanded.

74 years worth of man power? Was that one guy working for 74 years? 74 guys working for one year? 19460104.342 guys working really hard for two minutes?

Erm, sorry, got a bit distracted by that statistic. Here's the video.