Jason Statham Will Return For The Mechanic 2, But Not Transporter 4


The bad news first: Jason Statham will not be reprising his most iconic role in Transporter 4 (or 5 or 6). The newest installment of the actioner franchise about the most dangerous delivery job in the world is intended to be a reboot, according to THR. Luc Besson's production company have officially greenlit Transporter 4, which will take on Frank Martin's origin story, and have plans for two sequels of the new rebooted film if it does well.

As a consolation prize to those anticipating Statham withdrawal, the British actor will return for a sequel to 2011's thriller The Mechanic. German director Dennis Gansel will direct, and Statham will be back to kick more ass as Arthur Bishop, the titular "mechanic" who's a highly skilled assassin gifted at making his kills look like accidents. THR also broke this news.

Ok, sure, but what about Susan Cooper?

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