Kickstarter Up The Ass – The Only Living Boy, The Monsters Meet On Court Street, Giant!, Carbon, Lucky and Five Ghosts

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo continue to develope more and more prestigious comic book projects… with more and more prestigious names choosing this route to publication. Film directors, prominent creators, its fast becoming a new model of distribution… here are a few choice selections.

Kickstarter Up The Ass – The Only Living Boy, The Monsters Meet On Court Street, Giant!, Carbon, Lucky and Five Ghosts

Name: The Only Living Boy

Creators: David Gallaher and Steve Ellis

Concept: THE ONLY LIVING BOY is a young adult graphic novel that tells the story of Erik Farrell, a 12-year old boy, who finds himself with alone and abandoned in a patchwork world. As the last human boy left on earth, he'll try to piece his memory back together, while trying to piece together a new life for himself. Fighting beside Erik are the beguiling, insect princess Thea and the tenacious, mermaid warrior Morgan.

His opposition is a menagerie of exotic and dangerous creatures all under the command of the Dreaded Lord Baalikar and the fiendish Doctor Once.

Finance: The goal, listed over in the top right corner, represents the amount of money we need to raise to create and produce the minimum number of copies of the first volume of THE ONLY LIVING BOY – which will debut during this year's San Diego Comic Con. Money earned will go to covering fees, postage, and development of the comic and the incentives. Additional funds earned beyond our goal will be used in service of the other three remaining volumes in the series and to cover things like postage for the incentives.

Stats: 120 Backers. $4,475 pledged of $11,500 goal. 25 days to go.

Best Incentive: $30 – we'll send a copy of the pdf, a signed limited print, and and two copies of the comic which will debut at San Diego Comic Con.

Name: The Monsters Meet On Court Street

Creators: Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada

Concept: Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd have an unusual law practice: defending monsters and the supernaturally afflicted!

In this collection of stories, the attorneys represent a wide variety of clients, from a mad scientist who falls in love with a woman in another dimension, to a gangster gorilla boss, to a tycoon's childhood invisible friend. Readers also learn more about the personal lives of the attorneys and of their intrepid secretary, Mavis, who has her own adventure with a runaway robot. Contents including issues 30, 37, 38, 39, and 40 of Batton Lash's Supernatural Law comic book series as well as Mavis #4, an additional Mavis story that was dropped from issue 4, and 20 all-new pages.

Finance: The Monsters Meet on Court Street is volume 6 in this ongoing graphic novel series that mixes humor, horror, and the law to produce a unique and fun reading experience. The previous volumes collect issues 1-36 and Mavis 1-3. The most recent volume, The Soddyssey, was published in 2008. That book received the award for Best Graphic Novel in the 2009 Benjamin Franklin Awards, sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association. More information on the history of Supernatural Law and the other books in the series can be found at

Funding for this book will be used to complete the production work (scanning of artwork for the older issues and adding lettering and tones, producing the new pages, preparing files for the printer); pay for the printing (approximately $6,000), shipping, and storage of the books.

Stats: 22 Backers, $961 pledged of $7,200 goal, 28 days to go

Best Incentive: $35 – Batton will do a personalized drawing on the inside cover of your book. (add $5 shipping US, $8 shipping outside US)

Name: Giant!

Creator: Chris Wharton

Concept: Giant! is a short story about a young alchemist named Dedrick, who is having a very bad day. As punishment for the side effects of his latest experiment, he is forced to straddle a plank of wood and hung off the castle battlement to clean the bird crap off the resident gargoyles. When he drops his brush he inadvertently causes a chain of events that wakes a sleeping giant. After a terrifying fall and run for his life he finds that he may be the only one that can save his town from being crushed under the giant's feet.

Finance: The Goal for the Kickstarter campaign is to raise the money to print 500+ high quality paperback copies. Any money raised beyond $3,300.00 will go towards printing more books! Plain and simple.

Stats: 64 Backers, $2,060 pledged of $3,300 goal, 10 days to go

Best Incentive: $25 – black and white illustration of one of the story's characters (you choose) with a dedication (to who ever you want it to) drawn on an inside page of one copy of the book. You also get a 2nd paperback copy of the book, the PDF copy, and the desktop image!!


Name: Carbon

Creators: Danny Boyd, Edi Guede and Alzir Alves

Concept: What if there really was a Garden of Eden? Before the fabled one of our Old Testament – A place with a people before the first people we know of, and a God before the one we now recognize? There was.    A civilization cursed for breaking their own commandment – To live in balance with the Earth, as they had created their God to enforce.  Impossible, there would be an archeological record. Oh but there is.  Buried deep beneath the Appalachian Mountains, imprisoned in their original form – CARBON!

When an evil coal operator discovers that the "sacred" carbon can burn forever, he will sacrifice the land, the people – All life as we know it – To extract the full deposit.  But the dormant Carbon beings of centuries past are not the only creatures in this underworld.   When the original God exiled this civilization beneath the Earth until the world could replenish itself, He immortalized an army of flying warrior beasts to guard the human holding until such time as they would be allowed to resurrect and return to the surface.

Finance: What I need is exactly $7,150. $110 a page to pay the artist and letterer to complete the final 65 pages of the book. This is at a super discount to me considering the amazing talent I have assembled. It would typically be 2-3 times more. I already have close to $6,000 of my personal savings into the production of Books 1, 2 and the start of 3. My problem is I ran out of savings. I put my money where my mouth is, but I've run dry.

Stats: $3,610 RAISED OF $7,000 GOAL 24 DAYS LEFT

Best Incentive: $75 – All of the rewards above, plus go underground as a Red Hat in pdf of Carbon Book 2, "Where's The Heat?" Pdfs will be emailed prior to publication.

Name: Lucky

Creators: Jerry Willoughby and Zane DeGaine

Concept: Lucky is a 100-page graphic novel that explores horror tropes by telling a zombie story from the less human side. It tells the story of Mack, a garbage man whose life is changed forever when his typical route is disrupted by a zombie outbreak. Unable to fight off the zombies, Mack is bitten and becomes one himself. The story continues as we follow Mack on his journey as a newly turned zombie.

The idea for Lucky was conceived after watching a horde of zombie movies, mainly the ones by Romero. I realized that there are few, if any, zombie stories told from the perspective of a zombie. All zombie fiction centers on a small group of survivors trying to combat the force that is the undead. So I set out to write a story told through the eyes of zombie.

Finance: This project is going to be drawn over the next year and will take up the majority of Zane's time. The money will allow Zane to devote the time needed to work on this project over the next year, as well as cover the production costs of the book. We plan on having the book completely done by the end of 2012 and will begin the publishing process shortly after.

Stats: 24 Backers, $1,681 pledged of $7,500 goal, 56 days to go

Best Incentive: $40 – SIGNED COPY + SKETCH- You'll receive a signed copy of the book, with a sketch of Mack drawn by Zane on the inside cover. Mack will be saying whatever you want in the sketch. You will also receive the digital copies.

Name: Five Ghosts

Creators: Frank J. Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham

Concept: Five Ghosts follows the story of Fabian Gray, an infamous 1930's treasure hunter who makes a living seeking out rare items for private clients. After an encounter with a strange artifact known as "the dreamstone," Fabian finds himself possessed by five literary ghosts (Merlin, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Musashi, and Dracula) and is granted access to their unique abilities.  These powers have come at a price, however: the dreamstone consumed the soul of Fabian's closest ally, his twin sister, and has left her in a lifeless coma.  Fabian now tirelessly travels the globe searching for a "cure" for her condition while trying to control his own ghostly affliction.

Finance: We are already knee-deep in the production of Five Ghosts, but alas creating comics is not free.  Using the money from this Kickstarter, we will finish the 32 page debut issue of Five Ghosts and keep the ball rolling from there.  We are hoping to self-publish the series and get it directly in the hands of fans and retailers who are interested.

Stats: 35 Backers, $915 pledged of $2,000 goal, 40 days to go

Best Incentive: Your name listed in the credits of FIVE GHOSTS as an official project backer! A free print copy of DIVINE INTERVENTION, an original graphic novel by Frank J. Barbiere. (while supplies last) A full PDF of each of the six issues of FIVE GHOSTS as they become available

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