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Ben Templesmith Is Publishing Original Hate: The Graphic Novel
He is now crowdfunding a hardcover collection on Indiegogo to be made more publicly available And as he points out, the completed artwork is… complete And printer-ready He writes; Ben Templesmith Is Publishing Original Hate: The Graphic Novel The book is complete and ready to head to the printer It just needs you to help make it[...]
Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz & Sal Buscema Fund The R.I.G.H.T. Project
Project Classic Marvel Comics creators, writers, editors, pencillers, and inkers Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Sal Buscema have launched an IndieGoGo fundraiser for their The R.I.G.H.T Project comic book superhero series, announced over the summer. At last! A superhero for anyone who sincerely loves superheroes A teenage video-gamer joins a digital daredevil for truth, justice and a[...]
Doctor Who Comics Team Bring Death To Life
And now Death needs YOUR help! Only Death Can Save Us art Only Death Can Save Us (campaign now running on Indiegogo) is a love letter to the Bronze Age comics Russ grew up with–a cosmic superhero romp in the style of Jim Starlin's acclaimed 1970s runs on Warlock and Captain Marvel. Doctor Who art. Russ has an enviable[...]
Voting Is Your Superpower Fights For Truth, Justice, and Voting Rights
Now, with November 2020 looming, publisher Clover Press has a new graphic novel created to inspire readers to vote. Voting is Your Superpower reprints vintage political comic strips and stories, debuts a brand new character, and feature a celebrity introduction. Voting is Your Superpower cover, collecting vintage political comics—credit: Clover Press's Indiegogo. Clover Press describes the book on[...]
The Viral Video That Helped Create Hammer: A Post Ragnarok Tale
To add more art to the issue, I got pinups from Dan Fraga, Alex Tuis, Erwin Papa, Jason Lenox, and Michael Acker to round out the first issue. As of July 1st, my dream of bringing the Norse Gods to Midgard has become a reality in the form of an Indiegogo campaign Hammer: A Post-Ragnarok Tale[...]
Jae Lee IndieGoGo-ing Red Sonja #13 Variant Cover
Comic book writer and artist Jae Lee has a new project listed on IndieGoGo, dubbed "Jae Lee's Secret New Project!' stating that the 'Eisner Award-Winning Artist has a VERY Special IndieGoGo campaign coming Sign up here to be the first to know about it!" Well, you know how Bleeding Cool likes to get things early[...]
Dave Sim Pulls Plug on The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond
A series of Kickstarters, IndieGoGos and Patreons were set up, but Dave Sim was showing extreme doubts as to whether anyone would want to read it But now A Moment Of Cerebus has run the news that the project is being abandoned – with those who donated to the crowdfunded asked if they would mind[...]
Lucio Parrillo's Original Vampirella Painting Snapped Up on IndieGoGo
Bleeding Cool mentioned the other day that Italian artist Lucio Parrillowas painting a Vampirella cover for Dynamite, who were doing an IndieGoGo to fund it and get some much-needed money in for Dynamite at this difficult time While also giving Parrillo the chance to show off his biceps, deltoids and whatnot. Lucio Parrillo's Original Vampirella Painting[...]
The addition of this strip is a $100,000 stretch goal, and will be triggered as and when the IndieGoGo fund reached that far It is currently sitting just shy, at $92,305 at time of writing. After earlier attempts to publish comics, Meyer became a controversial figure in the comics industry, initially rising to prominence in a[...]
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Dynamite will be crowdfunding the first volume of the book through Indiegogo While the project isn't live yet, they have set up a landing page where you can watch a video about the project, see some of Blacky's awesome artwork, and sign up for updates." Will do, Cullen Bunn, will do Blacky Shepherd has worked with[...]
But it would be much faster if it wasn't multi-genre." He tweets 'Are you all ready for something cool next week? Indiegogo… All-new story… Lots of kickass art… Let's do this!' Sean Gordon Murphy to Crowdfund Graphic Novel, The Plot Holes Art from Murphy. There are previous tweets where he has teased art from The Plot Holes as[...]
Arkade Blaster PewDiePie DOOM Eternal
The creators behind the new gaming gun have been running an Indiegogo campaign for a while now, trying to fully fund their new gaming gun that uses 360-degree motion controls in a game That way you can play stuff like DOOM Eternal from a mobile device and be able to react with the ferocity and[...]
Destination Comics - The New Publisher From Richard Meyer and Chuck Dixon, With Sylvester Stallone-Written Expendables Comics - And More
In recent days, Richard Meyer has launched an Indiegogo campaign for a new graphic novel with the Expendables license, Expendables Go To Hell The graphic novel is to be written by Bane co-creator Chuck Dixon, who wrote previous Expendables comics when Dynamite owned the license and will be co-written by Expendables star and producer, Sylvester Stallone[...]
"The Horror Out Of Hagsjaw" Funded - RPGs
With a mere eighteen hours left to get on board, the Indiegogo campaign for the Necromancer Games RPG campaign adventure called The Horror At Hacksjaw has been funded many times over, at a whopping 831%. Source: Indiegogo This 5th-10th-level adventure module is purportedly geared towards games of Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition), and other Sword and Sorcery-type settings[...]
The Comic Creator Whose Day Job is as a Boxing Coach
In my journey of creating this final version on Indiegogo, I asked for advice from some top comic book artists and they generously gave me tips that helped me to shape what I am proud to deliver in this final product I especially want to say thanks to Brian Stelfreeze, who spent over 30 minutes[...]