Lying In The Gutters, 10th June 2018 – Ketosis Force

I am going to confess, I didn't know quite as many people would be interested in my weight loss. Look like there'#s a lot of industry concern for all sorts of people right now that this tapped into… maybe I should write a Ketosis-themed comic. Keto Force anyone? Damn, someone beat me to it…


I'll get back to this eventually. So what else were people reading about this week?

Top Twenty Traffic of the Week

  1. Finding the Cheat Codes to Weight Loss – Today, I Am No Longer Obese
  2. The Real Marvel vs. DC Will Be Happening Next Week [UPDATED]
  3. Frank Cho Brings Back the Outrage to His Kitty Pryde/Colossus Sketch Covers
  4. Rick and Morty Creator Explains the Delayed Season 4 Renewal
  5. Diane Nelson's Letter to DC Creators About Leaving DC and Warner Bros.
  6. Is Martian Manhunter Really Going to Kill (Spoiler)man in Justice League?
  7. The Flash Season 4: What Do We Think About The Thinker?
  8. Justice League #1 Advance Review: Everything I Wanted from a Justice League Book
  9. Return of a Silver Age DC Superhero Team: The Justice Experience
  10. Batman May Marry Catwoman, but Bruce Wayne Won't Marry Selina Kyle?
  11. GameStop to Trial Selling Monthly Comics in Ten Days
  12. Massive Wednesday as DC Releases Justice League: The Scott Snyder Cut
  13. Is Cullen Bunn Looking to Bring Back Adult Cyclops in X-Men Blue?
  14. Green Lantern/Green Arrow Misprint Today?
  15. Brandon Graham on His "Diss Track": It Was Not Intended to Win Anyone Over
  16. James Gunn Confirms a New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Easter Egg
  17. Hero Matthew Rosenberg Saved X-Men Fans From Another #1 Issue Relaunch
  18. Batman #50 Wedding Covers from Jorge Jimenez, Jason Fabok, Frank Cho
  19. Brian Keene Badly Burned in Fire, Seeks Help with Medical Bills
  20. Have We Learned Something New About Marvel's X-Classified?

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. What Cloak and Dagger Easter Egg Does the Hand Towel Reveal?
  2. "100% Committed to Diversity": C.B. Cebulski and Sana Amanat Appear on CBS This Morning to Talk Marvel's Fresh Start
  3. Superman Will Be Batman's Best Man at His Wedding
  4. Advance Hawkman #1 Review: The Winged Warrior Returns in Excellent Fashion
  5. Neil Gaiman: Mazikeen Prequel for Sandman Presents is a "Brilliant Idea"
  6. Improbable Previews: Bill Watterson Returns to Comics in Weapon X #19?!
  7. Mystery DC Comics Writer Pays for Stranger's $500 Dress
  8. Exclusive Early Edition of Kong on the Planet of the Apes in June's Loot Crate
  9. UPS Workers Vote to Authorise Strike Action for August
  10. Kenneth Rocafort off Sideways #6? DC Nation Says Brett Booth is On…

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