Make Mine Marvel Just Like It Used To Be – And How It Is Now

Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you about the upcoming Make Mine Marvel not-a-relaunch relaunch. As it stands we understand that classic characters will be returned to their traditional roles. Steve Rogers as a non-Hydra Captain America, Tony Stark as Iron Man, Bruce Banner as Hulk, Odinson as Thor, Peter Parker as a non-CEO Spider-Man, Logan as Wolverine, Janet Van Dyne as The Wasp, and all that jazz. We also stated that new versions of those characters, Sam Wilson, Amadeus Cho, Miles Morales, Jane Foster, Laura X-23, Nadia Pym would still be hanging around.

Well, the from buzz from ECCC filtered over to this side of the pond is that Marvel is definitely going to try and have its cake and eat it. With a line of classic hero books pitched firmly with familiar status quos, and the replacements being kept around in their own books, as well.

So expect and Iron Man and an Ironheart comic. A Mighty Thor and a Jane Thor. A Totally Awesome Hulk, an Incredible Hulk and a She-Hulk. Just as you now have an Amazing Spider-Man with Peter Parker and Spider-Man with Miles Morales.

Suddenly that Generations teaser feels like it's much more of a visual signifier as to what comes next…

Artwork by Alex Ross
Artwork by Alex Ross

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