Marvel Comics Bets the Farm on Donny Cates at ComicsPRO

Comic book writer Donny Cates wasn't at ComicsPRO this week, the meeting of comic book retailers, professionals, distributors and publishers. But he sent a video to play out during the Marvel presentation to retailers.

Well, I wasn't actually at ComicsPRO either, though some people thought I'd snuck in the building. Or that I had spies everywhere.

I mean, they had a point. There have been more Marvel leaks from ComicsPRO than DC Comics. Such as that video.

We'd had the official Marvel confirmation of the Bleeding Cool rumour that Donny Cates was to launch a new Venom series. That video he mentions included the word that he would be writing a character spinning out of the current Thanos series.

Yesterday, separately, Bleeding Cool reported that would be the Cosmic Ghost Rider, the future Frank Castle, Punisher.

Apparently, Cates already has a Cosmic Ghost Rider tattoo.

Marvel Comics Bets the Farm on Donny Cates at ComicsPROBut he also told the assembled retailers that he is writing another title with a popular group of Marvel characters.

I mean… could that be the Fantastic Four?

We heard he was leaving Doctor Strange and Thanos was mysteriously missing from Marvel's May solicitations. But Marvel does want to keep Cates busy. Retailers at ComicsPRO tell me that Marvel SVP David Gabriel said that he is getting more positive feedback on Donny Cates from everyone than any writer in a while. And that Marvel Comics are going big on him, betting the farm.

Yeah, that sounds like Fantastic Four.

More as it comes to us. And yes, it seems a lifetime since Donny Cates was a roving Bleeding Cool convention reporter. Seriously, Donny, you can have your old job back anytime.

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