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Cycling Into London As Comic Shops (And Everything Else) Open Up
Today is the day that the UK government has decreed that non-essential shops are allowed to open across England, and that includes comic shops Boris Johnson has read all his Tintin books three times over and was clearly in need of something new So on my Boris bike, I whizzed in, filming as I went,[...]
With the added pressures, challenges and obstacles thrown in the way of local comic shops over the past three months, AfterShock Comics, led by Publisher Joe Pruett, announced the release of Support Our Shops (S.O.S.), a 48-page comic featuring seven stories from top creators The comic book will be distributed at no cost to comic[...]
British Comic Book Stores, Currently Planning to Open on June 15th
And, yes, that would include English comic shops as well Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, they have their own devolved decisions to make. British Comic Shops Can Open Back Up on June 15th, Boris Says So Image from BBC screencap. A number of English comic shops have been operating mail order, or making pick-up arrangements, but most remain[...]
2021 Will Look Very Different For Publishers and Comic Shops Alike
You can catch up with coverage of the impact on the comics industry here and the New Distributor Wars here. 2021 Will Look Very Different For Publishers and Comic Shops Alike Image from A couple of weeks ago, Trustbridge Global Media bought small British publishers Walker Books, which also owns Candlewick Press, which is based[...]
I can have another big exercise in a couple of weeks or so.  That's if I am still allowed, of course. Cycling Round Central London Comic Shops on Lockdown Image from YouTube.   This morning, I combined my not-quite-daily exercise with a trip to the chemists and the cheese shop by Boris bike Cycling down the Thames[...]
Some have closed, some have gone online and mail order, others remain open with limited hours and services. Diamond UK Distributing to British Comic Shops For Sale on May 11th Art from Marvel Comics. Comic books that were due to be available in British stores on Wednesday, March 26th, will be shipping from Diamond UK for sale[...]
Aaron haaland A Comic Shop
"I risked a Walmart trip, and my side quest was rewarded with all the bubble wrap we need to ship out the online comic sales from last week." A Mid Life Crisis for Comic Book Stores. It is also worth pointing out that Diamond Comic Distributors now shipping existing back stock to retailers' home addresses rather than[...]
Rob Liefeld
Today is the third day, with all of the money being directly paid to comic shops when the auctions close Rob is offering to draw comics characters, anime characters, and taking requests for the sketches, which has led to gems like this admittedly great Venompool/Raphael TMNT piece. View this post on Instagram. How Much Would You Pay[...]
Photo of Stu Colson by Sue Colson in Heroes For Sale
We have seen comic shops shut down under government mandate and fear of infection Comic publishers pull back on their publication schedule or stop publishing entirely The direct market distributor, Diamond Comic Distributors shut its doors to new product, make people redundant and stop paying publishers But today, that all changes. Over a week ago, we[...]
flying colors
Who knows what the large event business will look like in the future? Another reason you still NEED comic shops on the front lines. Please STOP publishing Pause in the same way every business has been asked to pause. It's difficult to ask for help when it means less income in the short term for all of[...]
March 2020's KIDS GN-of-the-month Club meeting for BUG BOYS with Laura Knetzger!
Jeez, let alone my own costs. And I am committed to making sure that everyone working for me gets paid as they should. You, comics consumer, check in with your local store, make sure your "pull list" is up to date, and (if your financial situation allows) that you've made arrangements for your store to charge you[...]
Long Read: Is This An "Extinction Event" For The Comic Shop As We Know It? Or Are They "Too Stupid To Quit, Too Dumb To Die"?
But we believe in this medium, and we believe in the role of comic shops as an important community hub Ours is an underappreciated medium, and having a place where we can all be united in our love for this unique, powerful means of storytelling matters Having a place where we can be exposed to[...]
Boom Studios To Reduce Shipments To Comic Stores In Coming Months
A unified approach from all major publishers will make this process easier for each of you and, ultimately, for every one of your customers. While we'll shortly announce new, additional initiatives that will provide new cashflow opportunities for comic shops, we're also taking immediate steps right now, including paid support of our #BoostYourLCS program through social[...]
Morgan Perry of Boom Studios, Helping You Find Comic Shops With Delivery & Curbside Pickup
As the United States joins the list of countries entering country-wide shutdowns of many businesses and more people staying indoors, many folks in the comic industry have been wondering how they can support their local comic shops while also practising social distancing But Morgan Perry, Boom's direct market whisperer who Brian Hibbs named "my favorite[...]