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How Many Retailers Won't Order Thor #1, Star Wars #1, Marauders #5 and X-Men #6?
Instead, comic store owners needed to place orders separately as part of the Final Order Cut-Off, with the Marvel Comics deadline for tomorrow. Except it seems that many retailers don't use the FOC form at all, and simply rely on their initial orders Which didn't include these comics Marvel and Diamond has been trying to repeatedly[...]
Joe Hill Will Announce Artist For Plunge on Saturday
And not even free T-shirts for the retailers…   They also presented first, before the traditional first presentation from Diamond Comic Distributors Maybe that's so they could make an early sharp exit before retailers had woken up properly?   Catch up with more of our Retailer Breakfast coverage today with this handy-dandy tag. During the DC Comics presentation at[...]
Valiant to Expand Retailer Visit Program
Valiant has announced the next phase of its retailer outreach program, #ValiantVisits, in which Valiant sales representatives visit local comic book stores to talk shop with retailers and customers, bringing "Valiant swag" with them In a press release, the publisher says it visits over 100 retailers on average each year but plans to step that up[...]
Lion Forge will publish Gene Ha's Mae in a new series, as well as publishing the first volume, according to a press release sent out by the company. The news was announced at ComicsPRO today prior to the press release.
Dynamite Entertainment to Become a Premier Publisher at Diamond Comics (CONFIRMED)
With our new position and reach, we'll be able to better coordinate with Diamond on many new ways to serve the retail community and further diversify our categories of product." Beginning in April (and corresponding to June shipping), Dynamite will feature in the exclusive "Premier Comics" sections of Diamond's PREVIEWS catalog and website, highlighting their[...]
Diamond Comics Launches Digital Pullbox System for Comic Shops and Their Customers
Recently ComiXology removed their Pullbox system that allowed retailers to run digital reserve-and-keep lists for their customers for comic books coming in every week In their wake there have been a few other systems that have tried to take its place But, at ComicsPRO this week, Diamond launched a brand new system for the direct market[...]
Marvel Comics Bets the Farm on Donny Cates at ComicsPRO
Comic book writer Donny Cates wasn't at ComicsPRO this week, the meeting of comic book retailers, professionals, distributors and publishers But he sent a video to play out during the Marvel presentation to retailers. Anyone on here at ComicsPro?? You, uh…see my video?? ;) — DONNY⚡️CATES (@Doncates) February 22, 2018 Well, I wasn't actually at ComicsPRO either, though[...]
DC Comics Leaves Diamond Previews Catalogue, Launches Its Own
Where DC Comics seemed to go down rather well. Even outside #ComicsPro, DC overall feels much more connected in dialogue with retailers It's like night and day from Marvel. — j&ke shapiro 🍐 (@jake_shapiro) February 23, 2018 And the transformation of SVP John Cunningham into a passionate force for good seemed to be continuing… DC's senior VP of sales[...]
Marvel Comics to Relaunch Captain America #1 On the Fourth Of July, 2018
And this week we were told that the official announcement that Coates would be the new writer on Captain America will be coming next week, and that his debut chapter would be in May's Free Comic Book Day giveaway. Well, Marvel Comics felt they had to tell the comic book retailers assembled at the retailer summit[...]
Could We Get a New Hulk #1 for June?
Just looking at the Marvel May 2018 solicitations that Bleeding Cool broke out earlier today reveals these listings for the Incredible Hulk, the series
Robert Kirkman Sings His 'Oblivion Song' at Image Expo 2018
He appreciates that the comic book retailers' support for The Walking Dead gave him the power to negotiate what he wanted from the television series: "I appreciate the retailers who helped build Walking Dead so when the TV show came I was able to bargain a seat at the table." ●  Which doesn't mean that retailers were[...]
power rangers
Retailers attending tomorrow's ComicsPRO summit in Portland will be able to take home a lot of swag This includes a couple of exclusive variant covers from Boom! Studios, one each per retailer. The first is Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #1, which is already one of Boom!'s biggest launches in years, and may still be under-ordered based on[...]
image comics eric stephenson
"We hope this move emphasizes the stability we will continue to bring to our company and more importantly, with Eric's addition to Image's board of directors, it will assure retailers and creators alike that the key person you have all grown accustomed to working with is going to be there for you for many years[...]
shadowman donuts
Voodoo Doughnut will be making specially designed Shadowman doughnuts for retailers attending the ComicsPRO 2018 Annual Membership Meeting in Portland, Oregon. Each of two designs adorned with a hand-piped rendition of the character's mask — chocolate on a vanilla frosted doughnut filled with chocolate Bavarian cream, or vanilla on a chocolate frosted doughnut filled with raspberry[...]
Diamond's Annual Summit C2E2 2018
Both Diamond Comic Distributors, the monopoly distributor of most comic books to the direct market of comic book stores, and ComicsPRO, the retailer advocacy group, are both holding three-day summits in the next couple of months. Some retailers may go to both, many will go to one, most will go to none But can any of[...]
ComicsPRO's Annual Summit to Follow Image Expo 2018 in Portland
Both Diamond Comic Distributors, the monopoly distributor of most comic books to the direct market of comic book stores, and ComicsPRO, the retailer advocacy group, are both holding three-day summits in the next couple of months. Some retailers may go to both, many will go to one, most will go to none But can any of[...]
Steve Geppi
Since then, Diamond has become the largest distributor of English-language comic books, servicing thousands of retailers worldwide Since Diamond's opening, Geppi has developed and added numerous additional pop-culture companies under the Diamond umbrella, including Alliance Game Distributors, Baltimore Magazine, Diamond International Galleries, Diamond Select Toys, E Gerber; Gemstone Publishing, Geppi's Entertainment Museum, and Hake's Americana & Collectibles. Now[...]
ComicsPRO Industry Awards Announce Nominees, and Honour Dave Hawksworth
ComicsPRO, the trade association for comics speciality retailers, proudly announces the nominees for its annual Comic Industry Awards The awards honour those people who are or have been the best at what they do, making a significant difference in the business of the comic-book speciality market. There are two categories for the ComicsPRO Awards, the Industry Appreciation Award[...]
Announcing The Winners Of The 2017 Diamond 'Best Practice Awards' For Comic Retailers
At the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, retailers were able to see the nominated candidates for the Summer's Best Practice Awards, a retailer award set up by Diamond Comic Distributors to reward and acknowledge comic stores individual efforts They made theuir judgment, cast their votes, the numbers counted and the winners[...]