How Many Retailers Won't Order Thor #1, Star Wars #1, Marauders #5 and X-Men #6?

Instead, comic store owners needed to place orders separately as part of the Final Order Cut-Off, with the Marvel Comics deadline for tomorrow.Except it seems that many retailers don't use the FOC form at all, and simply rely on their initial orders Which didn't include these comics Marvel and Diamond has been trying to repeatedly[...]

Spinning Out Of Captain Marvel, Star Gets Her Own Series

Spinning Out Of Captain Marvel, Star Gets Her Own Series

Announced at the NYCC Retailer Breakfast, Kelly Thompson is to write a new Star series, spinning out of Captain Marvel. Five issues long, kicking off in January 2020, the artist will be revealed at the Women Of Marvel Panel during New York Comic Con. And we also got a look at how things are going […]

Marvel Comics to Announce Five New Titles for January 2020 #NYCC

Live from the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con comes the Marvel Comics presentation. Along with the news that Marvel Comics will be announcing five new series beginning in January 2020/ What they are – we don't know. I mean, The Masked Raider from Al Ewing, probably. Maybe something Iron Man 2020-ish. Each […]

Joe Hill Will Announce Artist For Plunge on Saturday

Joe Hill Will Announce His Artist For Plunge on Saturday at NYCC

And not even free T-shirts for the retailers... They also presented first, before the traditional first presentation from Diamond Comic Distributors Maybe that's so they could make an early sharp exit before retailers had woken up properly? Catch up with more of our Retailer Breakfast coverage today with this handy-dandy tag. During the DC Comics presentation at[...]

Joe Hill's Hill House Comics Line to Get T-Shirt Line as Well

We mentioned that Joe Hill was getting a pop-up comics imprint at DC Comics, Hill House Comics as part of the Black Label line. And that the first series, Basketful Of Heads was jumping from a 6 to a 7 issue limited series. Well, what's an imprint without merchandise? As just announced at the NYCC […]

Valiant to Expand Retailer Visit Program

Valiant has announced the next phase of its retailer outreach program, #ValiantVisits, in which Valiant sales representatives visit local comic book stores to talk shop with retailers and customers, bringing "Valiant swag" with them In a press release, the publisher says it visits over 100 retailers on average each year but plans to step that up[...]


Gene Ha's Mae Comes to Lion Forge with New Series

Lion Forge will publish Gene Ha's Mae in a new series, as well as publishing the first volume, according to a press release sent out by the company. The news was announced at ComicsPRO today prior to the press release. "I'm so proud for Mae to join Lion Forge, and to add editor Andrea Colvin […]

Dynamite Entertainment to Become a Premier Publisher at Diamond Comics (CONFIRMED)

With our new position and reach, we'll be able to better coordinate with Diamond on many new ways to serve the retail community and further diversify our categories of product."Beginning in April (and corresponding to June shipping), Dynamite will feature in the exclusive "Premier Comics" sections of Diamond's PREVIEWS catalog and website, highlighting their[...]

Diamond Comics Launches Digital Pullbox System for Comic Shops and Their Customers

Recently ComiXology removed their Pullbox system that allowed retailers to run digital reserve-and-keep lists for their customers for comic books coming in every week In their wake there have been a few other systems that have tried to take its place But, at ComicsPRO this week, Diamond launched a brand new system for the direct market[...]

Marvel Comics Bets the Farm on Donny Cates at ComicsPRO

Comic book writer Donny Cates wasn't at ComicsPRO this week, the meeting of comic book retailers, professionals, distributors and publishers But he sent a video to play out during the Marvel presentation to retailers., I wasn't actually at ComicsPRO either, though some people thought I'd snuck in the building[...]

DC Comics Leaves Diamond Previews Catalogue, Launches Its Own

When Marvel Comics went exclusive with Diamond Comic Distributors a couple of decades ago, after the fall of their own bought-in distributor Heroes World, they clashed against the already-established Diamond deal with DC Comics, where DC got the lion share of the front and back pages of the Previews catalogue every month. So they started their […]

Marvel Comics to Relaunch Captain America #1 On the Fourth Of July, 2018

And this week we were told that the official announcement that Coates would be the new writer on Captain America will be coming next week, and that his debut chapter would be in May's Free Comic Book Day giveaway.Well, Marvel Comics felt they had to tell the comic book retailers assembled at the retailer summit[...]

The First of the Exclusive ComicsPRO Variants Hit eBay, from $10 to $50

We must applaud eBay user spurio1234the, a comic book retailer who has listed his ComicsPRO exclusive variant cover swag directly from the show while sitting at one of the presentation tables. But he's not the only one getting their swag on eBay as quickly as possible from the ComicsPRO retailer meet in Portland, a group that […]

amazing spider-man

Amazing Spider-Man #794 Goes to Third Printing

Spinning out of the ComicsPRO presentations in Portland comes the sly bit of news that Amazing Spider-Man #794 is going to a third printing. The original issue sold out fast and went to a second printing using the cliffhanger page from that issue as the new cover, Norman Osborne receiving the Carnage symbiote, as everyone […]

All-New Wolverine #30

One Final Mission for All-New Wolverine in May?

Following the conclusion of the Old Woman Laura storyline in All-New Wolverine, May's issue of the title doesn't appear to name a new storyline and feels a bit final. Check it out: ALL NEW WOLVERINE #35 LEG (W) Tom Taylor (A) Ramon Rosanas (CA) David Lopez The world has been saved. Its people, never happier. […]

Marvel Rumours Spilling Out of ComicsPRO – A Cosmic Ghost Rider Series?

Gossip starts to spill out of ComicsPRO, the retailer advocacy group having their annual summit in Portland, right now. I'm doing my best to keep my ears open in London, England to hear what filters through. One such nugget is that with the announcement that Donny Cates will be writing the new Venom series launching in […]

Could We Get a New Hulk #1 for June?

Just looking at the Marvel May 2018 solicitations that Bleeding Cool broke out earlier today reveals these listings for the Incredible Hulk, the series that currently stars Amadeus Cho in the Hulk role. INCREDIBLE HULK #716 LEG (W) Greg Pak (A) Carlo Barberi (CA) Greg Land WORLD WAR HULK II CONTINUES! Amadeus Cho has always […]