Scout Comics Launches Vending Machine Display at ComicsPRO

Scout Comics Launches Vending Machine Display at ComicsPRO

James Haick, President of Scout Comics writes about a new product launch at ComicsPRO last weekend You can catch up with all of Bleeding Cool's ComicsPRO coverage right here.My name is James Haick and I became President and partner at Scout Comics and Entertainment a little over a year ago Never in my wildest dreams[...]

Mad Cave Launches New Retailer Programme, and Stargazer #1 in May 2020 Solicits

ComicsPRO was this weekend at Portland, Oregon, was rather overshadowed by the firing of DC Publisher Dan DiDio So we are rather playing catch up with some of the news announced, apologies for our tardiness But that included Mad Cave Studios launching Mad Cave Champions, a new rewards initiative to provide retailers exclusive offers on all[...]

DC Officially Rebrands, Dropping Vertigo

Gossip: DC No-Show at ComicsPRO and DC's Big Change

DC Comics were scheduled to appear in strength at ComicsPRO being held at Portland, Oregon right now However, I am told by connected individuals that DC cancelled most of their ComicsPRO appearances No one showed up on the first day, and DC Comics missed their hour-long presentation shot ComicsPRO gave DC the chance to make[...]

Death Metal and Fire Power on Cover of Next Weeks' Diamond Previews

The Swag of ComicsPRO

Ralph Mathieu of Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas is attending ComicsPRO in Portland, Oregon, the retailer advocacy group's annual summit As we have detailed in depth, retailers attending the show can benefit from quantities of swag, as well as knowledge, insight and industry networking opportunities But the swag does figure large Here's what Ralph picked up[...]

Collecting Christopher Priest's Run on Vampirella in May

At ComicsPRO, Dynamite announces the first of many planned collections compiling Christopher Priest's run on Vampirella, due out in April.Titled Seduction of the Innocent, and named after Dr Wertham's puritanical tome, this first trade paperback will collect issues #1-6 as well as the Free Comic Book Day 2019 #0 issue that kicked off the 50th-anniversary[...]

So... Who Is Going To ComicsPRO Then? And What Are They Up To?

So… Who Is Going To ComicsPRO Then? And What Are They Up To?

who's going to ComicsPRO? Portland Oregon awaits for comic book retailers, publishers, distributors and the like to gather.. and present Here's a few who are chatty on social media about the whole If anyone else wants to share something, e-mail me on  And catch up with more #ComicsPRO coverage with this handy tag.Dark Horse[...]

Bad Idea Goes to ComicsPRO - Will They Be Ripped Limb From Limb?

Bad Idea Goes to ComicsPRO – Will They Be Ripped Limb From Limb?

Bad Idea is going to the ComicsPRO summit, you know, the retailer activist group's meeting, freash after announcing that the new publisher will be selling comics from only twenty stores that fulfil its stringent criteria, growing to only fifty stores by the end of the year.People who are not part of that twenty are going[...]

BOOM! Brings Exclusive Variants for Power Rangers/TMNT and Alienated to ComicsPRO

BOOM! Brings Exclusive Variants for Power Rangers/TMNT and Alienated to ComicsPRO

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has revealed their EX-X-XCLUSIVE variants for the upcoming ComicsPRO Annual Meeting in Portland later this month The variants include an Alienated #1 variant by Özgür Yildirim, as well as variants for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 and #2 by George Caltsoudas, and will be given away for free[...]

Dan DiDio Didn't Realise Jinny Hex's First Appearance Would be in a Walmart Comic

At the ComicsPRO meeting of comic book retailers at Charlotte, North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio talked to assembled retailers there about the Walmart DC Exclusive 100-Page Giants Four - and then six - monthly titles reprinting DC Comics with exclusive stories from DC's most popular talents.And he has[...]

Will BookScan Come to Comic Book Stores?

The ComicsPRO summit was held a couple of weekends ago in Charlotte, North Carolina, in which comic book retailers met to discuss the state of the industry, meet publisher, distributors, creators and more There were a bunch of announcements made, discussions had, speeches given and solutions proposed.One group of attendees was particularly notable, representatives from[...]