Marvel Know What They Want From These Potential Thor 2 Writers And Directors

Marvel Know What They Want From These Potential Thor 2 Writers And Directors

As we reported a few days ago, Patty Jenkins has left the helm of the good ship Thor 2 due to some kind of "creative difference", but Marvel Studios aren't exactly stopping to mourn. Instead, they're lining up possibilities for a replacement director and also seeking a new screenwriter.

Here are the names they have lined up so far, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It looks like after Jenkins refused to sit back and do as she was told, the producers are now seeking an even smaller-name director with a low price tag, and who will turn out the kind of movie that they're told to.

Feel free to play Alan Sugar and decide which of these CVs looks most promising.

To direct:

Alan Taylor – Perennial TV show director seeking to enter the world of Hollywood feature films. Previous positions include a lengthy directing stint on Sex and the City, several episodes of Game of Thrones, Mad Men and The Sopranos. Pros include good hair and a tendency to crouch down when directing Ian Holm to avoid frightening him. Cons include wearing sandals.*

Daniel Minahan – Directed several episodes of True Blood, from both the good seasons and the goofy seasons. Dabbled in other well-respected TV shows such as Six Feet Under and Deadwood, and also Grey's Anatomy. Pros include a recent feature length directing credit (admittedly a TV movie that no one has ever seen). No cons that I can find, but he may just be good at covering his tracks. Which I suppose you could count as another point in the pros column.

Both directors do have respectable credits to their name and would most likely do a good job of bringing script to screen. Speaking of the script…

To write:

John Collee: Wrote for Happy Feet, Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World and TV series Bergerac. Pros include extensive knowledge of penguin culture and behaviour, also good hair. Cons include being involved with The Man Who Sued God.

Robert Rodat: Famously wrote the script for wartime weepfest Saving Private Ryan. Also Canadian goose weepfest Fly Away Home. I have that one on VHS at home and it's been rewound and replayed so many times now that the tape inside has become see-through. I even tried to raise an egg of my own because of that movie, until I discovered that A) It wasn't a fertilised egg and B) It had gone off – the lightbulb I put over it to keep it warm didn't help matters. Pros include extensive knowledge of Canadian goose behaviours and culture. Cons include misleading young impressionable children about the possibilities of finding fertile eggs to raise as your own in the cold cabinet at Tesco.

Roger Avary: Previous writing credits include another fantasy "epic" Beowulf (I'll fight to keep those quotation marks around the word epic) and collaborations with Quentin Tarantino including Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Pros include Canadian heritage, and a last name that almost sounds like a place where you'd keep birds. Cons could include, er, killing someone, I suppose. Avary was arrested for manslaughter in 2008, originally sentenced to 1 year in work furlough but eventually sentenced to spend the remainder of his sentence in prison after he spent too much time tweeting about how rubbish it was to be in a work furlough.**

* These particular pros and cons are based on a very small selection of behind the scenes photos for The Emperor's New Clothes and may not be true, fair or accurate. Which makes Alan Taylor's CV quite a lot like my CV.

** Note from Brendon: I've got a con for Roger Avary too: his shit films Rules of Attraction and Killing Zoe.

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