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Patty Jenkins Shares A List Of The Ways Wonder Woman Has Influenced Kids
Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins' life has swung dramatically from getting fired off Thor 2 in 2011 to having a blockbuster hit with Wonder Woman and talking with the studio about a sequel The director's take on the iconic female hero won its second weekend in the box office and had the smallest drop between[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: Thor 2, Dark Elves, And Maybe Malekith
See also: Michael Fassbender First Images Of Thor 2′s Dark Elves And, We Think, Malekith These two snaps from the London locations of Thor: The Dark World show a number of dark elves, showing of their rather distinctive look. New Robocop Gets Another Look – This Appears To Be His "Combat Mode" The script for the new Robocop features[...]
Thor 2 Photos Show A Closer Look At Prop And Set Design
Patrick Dane helps holds down the ship Bleeding Cool The post-summer production season is in full swing and where as Kick Ass 2 has been leaking photos seemingly every day, Thor 2 hasn't been far behind We have a closer look at the sets and props that we have been seeing for the past week or[...]
Thor 2 Mini-Rushes – Baddies, Warriors, Fandral And Stan Lee
Patrick Dane does Brendon's dirty work for him, for Bleeding Cool. While we have already seen Chris Hemsworth head-stomping his way through battle on the set of Thor 2, there were still questions as to what exactly whose heads he was stomping. We've got more on set pictures now, courtesy of Spiber-Man, which give us another good[...]
Friday Runaround – The Dredd Of Dundee
The fools. Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange May Have A Big Role in 'Thor 2′ We dissected the information making the rounds on potential returning characters and plot points for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3, but for Thor: The Dark World – seemingly the most mysterious and complex of the three – the rumors and speculation were too[...]
Marvel Know What They Want From These Potential Thor 2 Writers And Directors
As we reported a few days ago, Patty Jenkins has left the helm of the good ship Thor 2 due to some kind of "creative difference", but Marvel Studios aren't exactly stopping to mourn Instead, they're lining up possibilities for a replacement director and also seeking a new screenwriter. Here are the names they have lined[...]