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Patty Jenkins Shares A List Of The Ways Wonder Woman Has Influenced Kids
Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins' life has swung dramatically from getting fired off Thor 2 in 2011 to having a blockbuster hit with Wonder Woman and talking with the studio about a sequel The director's take on the iconic female hero won its second weekend in the box office and had the smallest drop between[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: Thor 2, Dark Elves, And Maybe Malekith
See also: Michael Fassbender First Images Of Thor 2′s Dark Elves And, We Think, Malekith These two snaps from the London locations of Thor: The Dark World show a number of dark elves, showing of their rather distinctive look. New Robocop Gets Another Look – This Appears To Be His "Combat Mode" The script for the new Robocop features[...]
Thor 2 Photos Show A Closer Look At Prop And Set Design
Patrick Dane helps holds down the ship Bleeding Cool The post-summer production season is in full swing and where as Kick Ass 2 has been leaking photos seemingly every day, Thor 2 hasn't been far behind We have a closer look at the sets and props that we have been seeing for the past week or[...]
Friday Runaround – The Dredd Of Dundee
The fools. Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange May Have A Big Role in 'Thor 2′ We dissected the information making the rounds on potential returning characters and plot points for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3, but for Thor: The Dark World – seemingly the most mysterious and complex of the three – the rumors and speculation were too[...]
Marvel Know What They Want From These Potential Thor 2 Writers And Directors
As we reported a few days ago, Patty Jenkins has left the helm of the good ship Thor 2 due to some kind of "creative difference", but Marvel Studios aren't exactly stopping to mourn Instead, they're lining up possibilities for a replacement director and also seeking a new screenwriter. Here are the names they have lined[...]