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Patty Jenkins Shares A List Of The Ways Wonder Woman Has Influenced Kids

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins' life has swung dramatically from getting fired off Thor 2 in 2011 to having a blockbuster hit with Wonder Woman and talking with the studio about a sequel The director's take on the iconic female hero won its second weekend in the box office and had the smallest drop between[...]

Joss Whedon Was Called In To Fix Some Scenes In Thor: The Dark World

New Thor director Alan Taylor has been speaking very openly with SFX magazine, explaining how Marvel called on their biggest gun when they really needed an extra big blast. Here's a snippet from the magazine's interview feature, courtesy of  the fans at Thor Movies. Joss came in to save our lives a couple of times. […]

More Thor – Some HQ Pictures From The Dark World

Here are Marvel's latest Thor 2 images, some of which are new, others of which were published in magazines and unlawfully scanned to the web over the last few weeks.I'm sure that none of you are ever even tangentially involved with such piratical madness - ahem - so this will be the first you've seen[...]

Thor 2 Images And Plot Details – Dating Issues And Demigod Fighting Moves

Here he's more demigod with dynamic moves we haven't seen before. Did anybody else just picture a moonwalk? Or backwards handsprings?If they can get us half way to The Avengers' blend of genre fun and witty character work, Thor 2 could be one of the Year's best pictures Just half way Surely that's only half of[...]