Marvel's Missing In Action In May 2017 – Ghost Rider And Silk Join Patsy Walker And World Of Wakanda? (UPDATE: Also Thunderbolts And Deadpool, Mercs For Money)


Marvel Comics doesn't like to announce that it has cancelled a comic book series. You just have to work it out in retrospect. When it disappears from your order form, or the editors run a big tearjerker on the letters page of the final issue. So we end up having to read the tea leaves of its monthly solicitations.

Jude noticed a missing Black Panther: World Of Wakanda in May solicitations. April has #6, and Amazon's listing for the first volume only goes up to issue 6.

Kate Leth announced that, yes, April's issue of Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat, #17, would be the finale to the series.

Also missing from the solicits is Ghost Rider. Again, April has issue #6 and that's where the Amazon listing for the first volume goes up to.

There is also no Silk in May. April had issue 19. Amazon doesn't list the issue for Vol 3 of Silk, but Vol 2 had 9-14. What's the betting that Vol 3 goes up to 19?

Rocket Raccoon has been replaced by Rocket, Power Man & Iron Fist has been replaced by Luke Cage. And Iron Fist. Great Lakes Avengers is gone as predicted.

But Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur made it through. Vol 3 goes to #18 and in May we have #19, starting a brand new adventure. It is what might be called a sales-challenged title, but it has oodles of scope – could a Scholastic-aimed repackage be in its future?

UPDATE: Deadpool: Mercs For Money has gone too…

UPDATEx2: And Thunderbolts…

UPDATEx3: And Gamora…

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