Measuring The State Of Thor's Current Worthiness (SPOILERS)

This is how Thor lost his hammer.


Still unknown words from Nick Fury that revealed something abiut the Thunder God that led him to believe he was unworthy to hold the hammer Mjolnir. After all, the hammer says,


Exactly. Well, whatever Nick Fury said, revealed Thor to be unworthy.


But, during the current run on Avengers, we met some other Avengers from another dimension. Including Thorr… who had a certain hammer with a different legend…

New Avengers #27 (2015) - Page 2

So when Thor became unworthy, it was worth tracking down…

New Avengers #27 (2015) - Page 12

And now in today's New Avengers #32 by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato, Thor prepares to go into battle with the hammer of Thorr…

Image (146)

…against impossible odds and certain death. And suddenly,Image (145)He is no longer unworthy to pick up the hammer of Thorr. Which means he might be worthy for…


I think someone might want their hammer back. If they make it through said impossible odds…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who, this Saturday, are hosting John Allison for the release of his new series Giant Days from Boom! Studios.





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