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More recent comics, saw her wield Mjolnir alongside Thor to destroy Stormcaster There has been some debate over whether or not she was actually wielding Mjolnir at the time, however, or if Thor was actually doing the wielding. Well, it seems that Immortal Thor #4, by Al Ewing and Martin Coccolo and published today by Marvel[...]
New Avengers Forever Infinity Comic Ties In With Donny Cates' Thor?
To be fair we didn;t know about it until lately. Over in recent Thor by Donny Cates and Nic Klein, it has been revealed that Mjolnir is a living sentient god in her own right, the God Of Hammers And defines worthiness in a brand new fashion as well. Well, Jason Aaron and Donny Cates have been[...]
Marvel Comics
As Bleeding Cool previously pointed out, people had sold copies in advance of going on sale for up to $23 in anticipation for the first full appearance of The God Of Hammers, revealed to have been Agatha all along – or rather Mjolnir all along Today, there have been sales on eBay for $15 and[...]
Teased In Marvel Comics' Timeless #1 (Spoilers)
In Thor #16, Thor dreamed of his future. Thor #16 Thor's eventual death in an apocalyptic future at the hands of Thanos, wielding The Infinity Hammer – Mjolnir engraved with the six Infinity Stones – and the Black Winter Gauntlet while leading an army of the dead As previously seen in Thor #6. Thor #6 And then we had[...]
The Latest Hero To Wield Mjolnir (King In Black Spoilers)
And with Eddie Brock recombined with his Venom symbiote, and the host for Captain Universe, there are all sorts of things available to him in taking on Knull. And then summoning both Thor's hammer Mjolnir and Silver Surfer's sword-transformed cosmic board. The battle against the King In Black will take a lot more than that, of course,[...]
You Can Call Tony Stark, Iron Man, in Today's Thor #7 (Spoilers)
As the solicitation for Thor #8 from Donny Cates and Aaron Kuder says "Everyone gets a hammer! That's right – come on down to Broxton, Oklahoma, and pick up Mjolnir for yourself! The famed hammer of the Thunder God is free for the taking…no worthiness required???". Thor #8 cover. The Asgardian bouncers on the spell that binds[...]
You Can Call Tony Stark, Iron Man, in Today's Thor #7 (Spoilers)
In Thor #1 from Donny Cates and Nic Klein, Tony Stark sent a message to Thor via his returning hammer, Mjolnir By way of a handy dandy sharpie Do you remember? Nic Klein art from Iron Man #1 (2020) It didn't get to Thor at exactly the best moment. Nic Klein art from Iron Man #1 (2020) Today, it[...]
New Thor: Ragnarok Poster By Dániel Taylor On Sale At Mondo Tomorrow
The poster by artist Dániel Taylor features the God of Thunder standing on the handle of his trusty hammer Mjolnir, which is blown up in size to represent the burden he bears wielding it It is a very striking poster and is sure to sell out quickly The edition size for this one is only[...]
So How Does Captain Marvel Wield Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Anyway? (#16 Spoilers)
Last week in Thor #4 we saw a new individual able to lift Mjolnir's hammer, Thor's step-brother Loki – though this may be as a result of taking over the helm of Odin, and mastering the magicks that enchanted the hammer in the first place. Today, as teased on the cover, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, does[...]
Thor Loses His Hammer Again in Thor #4 [Preview]
Nevertheless, Marvel has released a preview of next week's Thor #4, by the self-proclaimed Bad Boy of Comics Donny Cates and Nic Klein, and once again, it seems Thor has lost his Mjolnir. It's Thor vs Sif in this issue, it seems… As the cosmic version of coronavirus, the Black Winter, has infected the World Tree. And Sif[...]
"Thor: Love and Thunder" Taika Waititi Taps Jennifer Kaytin Robinson for Script
Waititi confirmed Portman's Foster will share her comic counterpart's role as Mighty Thor worthy of wielding the hammer, Mjolnir. At the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, the team tasks Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) to return all things borrowed from the past back into their rightful place, including Mjolnir Thor stole his legendary hammer in his time jump[...]
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But in March 2020, she looks like she will be taking that to another level, wearing one of Iron Man's gauntlet's, wielding Captain America's adamantium/vibranium alloy shield, and holding Thor's hammer, Mjolnir Which, as we all know, can only be held by someone worthy. Looks like Captain Marvel has joined the select few Brie Larson had[...]
Captain Marvel Can DEFINITELY Lift Mjolnir, Says Brie Larson
We know from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige that Captain Marvel will be the strongest, most powerful superhero introduced into the MCU to date, so it stands to reason she may have the ability to do things others haven't. The exclusive Brazil Comic Con "Captain Marvel" poster Like lifting Thor's trusty hammer, Mjolnir[...]
When Captain America Wielded Mjolnir To Fight Nazis
Since a certain something leaked, there's been a fair bit of discussion of the final page reveal/image in Secret Empire's Free Comic Book Day issue. Bear in mind, from here on out, we will be discussing this particular thing, which may be considered a spoiler if you have somehow managed to avoid all discussion of it[...]
More Hasbro Marvel Roleplay, Finally I can Wear A Star Lord Helmet To Work
Collectors are the focus for these, and the quality and price reflect that. Next is there full-size replica Mjolnir as wielded by Thor of course While this version is not metal (who could lift it?!?!) the hammer itself is massive in size being that it is a full-size replica The lights and sounds are a bit[...]
Measuring The State Of Thor's Current Worthiness (SPOILERS)
This is how Thor lost his hammer. Still unknown words from Nick Fury that revealed something abiut the Thunder God that led him to believe he was unworthy to hold the hammer Mjolnir After all, the hammer says, Exactly Well, whatever Nick Fury said, revealed Thor to be unworthy. But, during the current run on Avengers, we met some other[...]