Number Crunching: Milestone Forever #1

Price: $5.99

How much? $5.99. I know, I almost dropped my bacon sandwich.

Comic page count: 45

So that's basically the same as two $2.99 standard books? I suppose so.

And do they normally have a card cover and perfect board. Um… no.

Well then. Get on with it.

Splash pages: 11

Splash pages that look like like pure filler at the beginning: 3

Ah, pages that actually should have had text on, but somehow got dropped in the production stages. 4

Do you have them? Yes.

Go on then. Okay, courtesy of Dwayne McDuffie.

Page 1

Top Caption:

"Sometimes I have a dream. I am in the cave in Plato's Republic sitting on the cold ground, my hands and feet bound in iron chains. Through an opening at the end of the cave, I see a turnstile and a neon sign. It flashes 'World's Oldest Operating Metaphor'. This does not, however, appear to be a very popular attraction anymore."

-Jeremy Levin

Bottom Caption:

"The secret to Funk is to pay attention."

-George Clinton

Page 4 & Page 5

double page splash

"Time forks, perpetually into countless futures. In one of them, I am your enemy."

-Jorge Luis Borges

Page 9

Icon Splash Page Caption:

"To dream the fantastic is to dream the dream of the Other."

-Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Do you think DC should replace printed copies with corrected versions? Yes.

Will they? Probably not.

Additional gallery pages: 3

Percentage of the text on the back cover you could read properly? 30%

Sense in changing the cover from the solicited image to the published image? None.

Number Crunching: Milestone Forever #1Number Crunching: Milestone Forever #1

Odds that the second cover will be equally fucked about with. 99%

Almost-omniscient narrators: 1

Alpha males: 8

Metatextual comments disguised as fashion commentary: 1

Moments where it feels like scenes are being stretched over several panels, uneccesarily: 5

Moments where I think, I'm not sure if I'm enjoying this as much as the original Milestone run: 3

Moments when I think I'm being unfair, comparing this revival to some kind of idealised, condensed version its multi-year, multi-series publishing history: 1

Chances that I'll buy the next issue of Milestone Forever despite feelings of mild ennuii. 100%

Slight surprise that this comic hadn't been pirated on the torrent network, when I was trying to get a few scanned panels to illustrate a point or two. 1

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