Other People Notice $2.99 Marvel Comics Are Slipping To Twenty Pages

Back in January, Bleeding Cool reported that Marvel were to move a number of books to the DC price point of twenty pages for $2.99, and that it would start in May. But there would also be $2.99 books with more pages. A more of a dipping the toe in the water.

I was however assured on creator pay, saying "I'm told Marvel creators won't lose money on a reduced page count, as Marvel intend to increase twenty page books to thirteen issues or more a year if the creative team can manage it. And creators certainly won't have to rewrite an already accepted twenty-two page script into twenty pages – as has happened elsewhere…"

Yesterday, David Uzumeri revealed this to Comics Alliance's audience, with some hard statistical facts regarding which books have dropped in page count at that $2.99 price point.

Shipping April 27: FF #2, Incredible Hulks #627, Power Man and Iron Fist #4, Venom #2

Shipping May 4: Herc #2, Heroes For Hire #6

Shipping May 11: Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #1, FF #3, Incredible Hulks #628, Journey Into Mystery #623, X-Men Legacy #248

When DC announced their Hold The Line At $2.99 promotion, Senior Vice President of Publishing and Executive Editor of Marvel, Tom Brevoort commented "I think that if it works for them, and they can run their business and make their money on that cover price, good for them. But I know for certain that we can't, so I must assume that they're still in the traditional DC position of not really having to earn a direct profit in publishing, since they'll get a credit for all of their licensing and so forth on the Warner's ledgers. That's not a luxury that we have–or really, that we want."
But it does seem to be a position that, if nothing else, Marvel are looking to try out…

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