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Andrew Wheeler, Director Of Marketing For Chapterhouse Comics
Then he stopped. Then he became the EIC of Comics Alliance. Then, recently, Comics Alliance stopped. He was also writing the comic Freelance for Chapterhouse Comics. And now… he is their Director Of Marketing. Congratulations Wheeler! Feel free to contact us on… Once upon a time, Andrew Wheeler wrote the No More Mutants column for Bleeding Cool[...]
'It's About Ethics In Comic Book Publishing'
She used to head up the MTV Comics site and currently writes a number of small press titles, and edits others. She has stated that she was harassed repeatedly online by prominent blogger Chris Sims and friends, something Sims has admitted to and apologised for. The website he writes for most prominently, Comics Alliance, stated that these[...]
Comics Alliance Bought By Townsquare, Including Staff
Tech Crunch is reporting that popular comics blog Comics Alliance, along with AOL Music, is being bought up by Townsquare, and will include staff contracts, after news ove a month ago that AOL was to close both. The AOL-owned blog reports; The deal, whose terms were undisclosed, puts the properties back under the stewardship of Townsquare's executive[...]
Is Comics Alliance Being Revived?
After the closing of popular comics blog Comics Alliance by AOL three weeks ago, we'd heard all sorts of rumours That MTV were trying to get Comics Alliance folded into their AOL Music deal That the original staffers may launch a new independent blog under a new name But were told to wait… Well, Comics Alliance,[...]
Comics Alliance Closed – Monday Trending Topics
Monday sucks: Comics Alliance's parent company AOL has pulled the plug on the site. Launched by Laura Hudson, Comics Alliance became a home for intelligent reviews, hilarious snark, outraged reaction and curious cosplay. Most-Read Comic Stories Monday: Parody And Be Damned – DC Comics Boycotts The Outhouse At C2E2, Outhousers writers approached PR exec Alex Segura about interviewing DC Comics[...]
Comics Alliance Closed By AOL
Comics Alliance's parent company AOL has pulled the plug on the site. Launched by Laura Hudson, Comics Alliance became a home for intelligent reviews, hilarious snark, outraged reaction and curious cosplay.  I was told by CA contributors of issues with AOL owners/managers over content – though editor Andy Khouri says that is "horseshit"[...]
DC Relaunch: Red Lanterns 1, Green Lantern Corps 1 and New Guardians 1 Covers
In an intriguingly timed stunt, DC have handed the three mkssing covers to Red Lanterns #1, Green Lantern Corps #1 and Green Lantern: The New Lanterns #1 to Newsarama, CBR and Comics Alliance respectively. So Bleeding Cool decided to nick them all and put them on one page. Say, aren't Marvel meant to be announcing something today?[...]
Other People Notice $2.99 Marvel Comics Are Slipping To Twenty Pages
And creators certainly won't have to rewrite an already accepted twenty-two page script into twenty pages – as has happened elsewhere…" Yesterday, David Uzumeri revealed this to Comics Alliance's audience, with some hard statistical facts regarding which books have dropped in page count at that $2.99 price point. Shipping April 27: FF #2, Incredible Hulks[...]
FOOL: Arianna Huffington Buys Avatar Press – Comics Alliance And Bleeding Cool To Merge
Laura Hudson of Comics Alliance will edit. The upcoming collection of Neonomicon by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows will be softened slightly to counter certain content concerns and will be subsequently released as a ten page hardcover. While Arianna Huffington herself has arranged to write the next series of Garth Ennis' Crossed She told this website "I[...]
BC ComicChron
Edwards drew the Milestone book My Name Is Holocaust. HandbagWatch: Comic Book Resources (, the #1 most visited comic book website in the United States according to comScore Media Metrix, is excited to announce a very special video interview to be posted March 16th, 2011 at 3:00 PM Eastern featuring "Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane interviewing legendary comics[...]
Bleeding Cool Is The Most Influential Comics Blog In The World
Truth is, out of all the blogs its probably AOL's Comics Alliance that should take it And sites overall, it's probably CBR But with Comics Alliance claiming again they're the no 1 comics site in the US, I thought it might be at least looking at the stats. This is the last month in Alexa which,[...]
All Bow Down To The New Lord and Master Of Comics Alliance
As part of the deal, Arianna Huffington will be president and editor-in-chief of all AOL blog content. Which includes Asylum, Techcrunch and… the popular comics blog Comics Alliance. What effect will this power structure bring? Probably very little Comics Alliance certainly seems to fall into step politically with Huffington, and with horror stories I heard regarding pressures[...]