Out And Proud – Bunker Gets Gay Cred

The new issue of Out magazine, the biggest voice of gay culture, lifestyle and politics in the USA, is running an article on a certain Teen Titan. 

Scott Lobdell's Teen Titans introduced a new, out, gay man going under the name of Bunker. Flamboyant, dressed in purple, this is not the kind of gay man who would allow himself to be stuffed in a closet. And that itself has ruffled a few feathers.

"I don't think it's my place to write a gay everyman. I'm writing a very specific character."

Out compares him to a Project Runway contestant and calls him "DC Comics' first major gay teen superhero" along with writer Scott Lobdell's oft-repeated line "If the comic book industry doesn't create another white, straight male superhero, that will be OK". The aryticle also recalls Scott Lobdell's contribution to the gay canon on the other side of Manhttan, outing Alpha Flight lead Northstar, now a member of the X-Men. And while Northstar's orientation has often been ignored by writers, Lobdell is making sure that's impossible with Bunker. He also confesses that Bunker's power, to create barriers and objects made of forcefields in the shape of bricks is a nod to gay activist group Stonewall.

Not all the commentators are as kind though… but we do like this animation.

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