Prepare For The Final Assault – Preview Halo: Escalation #16 From Dark Horse

Written by Duffy Boudreau, with art by Douglas Franchin and Rob Lean, and cover art by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, Halo: Escalation is reaching its 16th issue on March 25th, and true to the arc's title, things are getting pretty explosive.

STK665416I have to say, that cover art is just stunning, and an example of why the Halo comics from Dark Horse works so well, preserving the aura of alien worlds.

Dark Horse describe this issue thus:

It's total war as Dr. Catherine Halsey and Covenant Commander Jul 'Mdama launch their final assault to regain control of the all-powerful Forerunner Janus Key. The thrilling Halo saga continues in this ongoing Halo 4 story by Duffy Boudreau (BlackAcre) and Douglas Franchin (Person of Interest).

Here's our preview of Halo: Escalation #16:

haloes16p1 haloes16p2 haloes16p3 haloes16p4 haloes16p5 haloes16p6Halo: Escalation #16 arrives in shops on March 25, and is currently listed in Previews World with item code: JAN150159.

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