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A little more than three weeks ago, viewers were treated to a first-look teaser for the upcoming Paramount+ live-action original series take on the popular video game franchise Halo But as much as we liked seeing Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) in full-on Master Chief mode, we would be lying if we said we weren't hoping[...]
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343 Industries has released a brand new trailer today for Halo Infinite, this time giving us the proper CGI cinematic vibes People have been freaking out over the free-to-play multiplayer beta that's been taking place the past couple of weeks, some giving it praise for being fun and awesome and a throwback to classic forms[...]
Believe it or not, we not only have news on the upcoming Paramount+ live-action original series take on the popular video game franchise Halo but an early teaser, too Set to launch on the streaming service in the U.S and around the world next year, the series finds Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) in the lead[...]
Replica Halo Master Chief Electronic Helmet Coming from Jazware
The popularity of Halo is back, and no better way than you own a replica of one of the franchise's lead heroes The replica will feature lights and sound effects that make this more than the average collectible giving Halo fans 15 weapon and HUD sounds along with the recognizable Master Chief voice One size[...]
Dr. Squatch Releases New Halo-Branded Spartan Scrub Soap
Squatch has released a new brand of soap before Halo Infinite is released as you can now get the Halo-branded Spartan Scrub soap Working with 343 Industries, the men's natural soap company has made this special limited-edition soap that is designed to help you both feel your freshest and energize you for the day ahead[...]
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Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries released a brand new Halo Infinite video today as they give us a better look at the game's campaign While there is a ton of familiarity here, there's also a lot of new stuff to do, as the video is quick to point out that while you may be[...]
Halo Needler Becomes the Newest NERF LMTD Blaster from Hasbro
Coming out of the hit video game franchise Halo, one of the Covenant's weapons comes to the world of NERF with the Needler This blaster comes straight out of the Covenant Army and is fully motorized, and comes with a 10-dart drum, and illuminates Hasbro loaded this Halo replica with an amazing amount of detail[...]
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Launches Season 8
343 Industries has officially launched Season 8 into Halo: The Master Chief Collection along with a ton of new content to boot This is the season that fans of the franchise will get a kick out of as they decked a ton of it out in gold and red coloring, along with 100 new tiers[...]
Rockstar & Xbox Partner On Exclusive Halo Infinite Collector’s Cans
Xbox Game Studios revealed today that they've partnered with Rockstar Energy Drink for a special set of Halo Infinite Collector's Cans The two companies have come together to share their love of Halo with this special set, which includes artwork from five different artists who are featured on different flavors What's more, each can has[...]
Hoonigan Industries Built Themselves A Real-Life Halo Warthog
Hoonigan Industries revealed this week that they took the time to build themselves a real-life Warthog from the Halo series, and it looks rad The company, which if you're not familiar with it, is the automotive brand behind the likes of Ken Block's Hoonicorn and Hoonitruck, decided to do a special partnership with 343 Industries[...]
Razer Announces New Line Of Halo Infinite Peripherals
Razer has revealed their brand new line of products designed for Halo Infinite as they prepare for the game to drop later this year As you can see from the images below, we're getting a whole line of items as they will be releasing specialized versions of the Kaira Pro for Xbox, BlackWidow V3, DeathAdder[...]
Halo Infinite Finally Has A Launch Date & Limited Edition Bundle
Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries revealed a proper launch date for Halo Infinite during Gamescom 2021's Opening Night livestream We now know the game will finally be released on December 20th, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, after having been delayed a couple of times for the team to work on[...]
Halo: 343 Industries' Wolfkill on Series Adapt's "Biggest Challenge"
So the last time we checked in on Paramount+'s (previously Showtime) upcoming Pablo Schreiber (American Gods)-starring series adaptation of the popular video game franchise Halo, it was near the end of June and there was some shifting of responsibilities going on with co-showrunners Steven Kane and Kyle Killen (with Killen departing the project and Kane confirming[...]
Xbox Game Studios Partners With Waze For A Halo Experience
Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries have partnered with Waze for a special Halo Infinite promotion when it comes to guidance For a short time you can now select one of two new voices to guide you around the city as they have added UNSC and Banished guides into the app It's nothing you need[...]