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Xbox Chats With 343 Dev About Season 4 Of Halo Infinite
Xbox Game Studios have posted a new interview this week on Xbox Wire, chatting with a 343 Industries developer about Halo Infinite – Season 4 The big addition on the way is the return of Infection, as they are doing their best to create a gameplay experience that feels familiar to players while also giving[...]
With Paramount+'s Pablo Schreiber-starring HALO, we have a perfect example of a show that we're excited to see return – but kept a little too under the radar when it came to filming So we weren't surprised to learn from Schrieber via Instagram that filming had wrapped as much as it was a "reminder shock"[...]
Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within Launches Today
343 Industries has released a brand new season for Halo Infinite today, as Season 3: Echoes Within officially launched today As you might expect with a major season launch, you got a number of new things, which includes three new maps, new gear, a new mode, a new weapon, and an entirely new battle pass[...]
Halo Infinite Launches Noble Intention Event For February
343 Industries has added a new event to the mix for Halo Infinite, as you can take part in the Noble Intention event right now The event kicked off last week and will be running all the way to February 21st, as this limited-time event will give you several rewards just for playing the game[...]
Big Sky, Yellowjackets, The Flash, HALO & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes a wide range of topics… including Showtime's Yellowjackets star Christina Ricci making a bold promise about Season 2, The CW's The Flash star Grant Gustin getting back into "Barry Allen" mode, BBC's Doctor Who Centenary Special getting an official title, Paramount+'s HALO kicking off Season 2 production, ABC's Big[...]
Some big news today on the HALO series front, with Paramount+ sharing an image from production in Iceland (shifting to Budapest, Hungary, later this year) to confirm that work on the second season is officially underway In addition, Joseph Morgan (Vampire Diaries, Titans) and Cristina Rodlo (No One Gets Out of Here Alive, The Homeless[...]
Halo Infinite Gets New Novel With Halo: The Rubicon Protocol
Simon & Schuster announced a brand new Halo novel is coming this month based on Halo Infinite called Halo: The Rubicon Protocol The book is written by previous Halo author Kelly Gay, as her latest book explores the events that took place during the previous six months leading up to Master Chief's awakening in space and the[...]
RWBY: Ice Queendom: Improves on Original, First 3 Episodes on YouTube
Blue, the Machinima series that uses the visual assets of the Halo video game to tell a semi-comedic story about warring Spartans that gradually became a mythology-filled saga separate from the games Red vs Blue helped put Rooster Teeth on the map, but RWBY was the company's first successful attempt to create an original series[...]
The Paramount+ Experience At Piccadilly Circus From High Above
The streaming service launches tomorrow in the UK, bringing with it the likes of Star Trek, Halo, Mission Impossible,  1883, Yellowstone – a Sylvester Stallone Western by the looks of things Naturally, I went and did things – got turned into a hologram for the Star Trek experience, donned a bonnet and shot the place up[...]
Halo Infinite Reveals More Lone Wolves: Season 2 Maps & Modes
Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries offered up a deeper dive into the coming content for Halo Infinite – Lone Wolves: Season 2 The team posted an extended look into the latest season on Xbox Wire, as they have set up what will be a multi-season storyline that throws your own personal Spartan in the[...]
Halo Infinite Reveals More Lone Wolves: Season 2 Maps & Modes
343 Industries dropped a new blog today going over some of the new maps and modes additions for Halo Infinite Lone Wolves: Season 2 Some of the major reveals that will get people stoked for the new season are King of the Hill, Land Grab, and Last Spartan Standing All of which bring their own[...]
Dark Horse Plans 650-Page Halo Comics Collection
Put down the assault rifle, Master Chief, and consider bludgeoning aliens to death with this new Halo comics tome from Dark Horse Dark Horse Comics has announced plans to publish a 650+ page Halo comics collection this June Collecting the entire series of Halo: Initiation and Halo: Escalation, the massive book will retail for $39.99[...]
Halo Infinite Announces Season 2: Lone Wolves
343 Industries has released a brand new trailer for Halo Infinite showcasing the content on the way for multiplayer Season 2: Lone Wolves The team had already revealed some of what's on the way, which we have a snippet for you below to read up on, as they will be dropping the new season on[...]
With less than 24-hours to go until Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) dons Master Chief's helmet & armor, Paramount+ & 343 Industries' live-action HALO series is following up the past several days' worth of previews for the streaming series with some serious intel you might want to know heading into tomorrow Earlier today, Paramount+ released a mini-teaser[...]
With only ten days to go until the world gets a chance to see Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) don Master Chief's helmet & armor, Paramount+ & 343 Industries' live-action HALO series made quite a splash over the weekend at SXSW (though we're not sure how everyone in Austin felt about the drone swarm… but it did[...]
What a long, strange trip it's been but after first being attached to the project back in 2018, the world will finally get a chance to see Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) don Master Chief's helmet & armor when Paramount+ & 343 Industries' live-action HALO series debuts With less than two weeks to go until the streaming[...]
Following up on key art looks at Pablo Schreiber's (American Gods) Master Chief, Kate Kennedy's (Catastrophe) KAI-125, Bentley Kalu's (Avengers: Age of Ultron) VANNAK 134, Natasha Culzac's (The Witcher) RIZ-028, and others, Paramount+ & 343 Industries is offering fans another look at their live-action series take on the HALO video game franchise This time around,[...]
South Park, HALO, Edge, Manifest & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch 01 Mar 22
Our line-up of news, opinions & reviews for this morning includes Paramount+'s HALO sharing a new teaser & character posters of Master Chief and more, Secret Invasion star Samuel L Jackson calls out Joe Rogan, Edge is looking for a WWE WrestleMania opponent, Comedy Central's South Park returns to The Cold War, FOX's The Cleaning[...]
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Earlier today, Paramount+ & 343 Industries' live-action series take on the HALO video game franchise shared a new teaser Now with less than a month to go until the series gets unleashed upon streaming screens, viewers are getting a chance to meet more of the cast via a final round of character profile key art[...]
With less than a month to go until Pablo Schreiber's (American Gods) Master Chief starts fighting for a better future in Paramount+ & 343 Industries' live-action series take on the HALO video game franchise, things are already looking pretty good We learned earlier this month that the series was officially picked up for a second season[...]
With still a month to go until Pablo Schreiber's (American Gods) Master Chief begins fighting for the future on streaming screens, Paramount+ & 343 Industries' HALO, the video game franchise is already feeling pretty good about its future That's because the series was officially picked up for a second season during last week's Television Critics[...]
Halo 3 Master Chief Legendary Edition Gaming Head Statue Debuts
Gaming Heads has just revealed their newest video game statue as we return back to Halo 3 with a new Master Chief statue Coming in at 19" tall, Master Chief Legendary Edition will feature the deadly soldier on rocky terrain with an Energy Sword in hand The statue stays faithful to the Halo 3 design[...]
With still more than a month to go until Pablo Schreiber's (American Gods) Master Chief hits screens to fight for the future, Paramount+ & 343 Industries have secured his streaming future with the news that Halo will be back for a second season The news comes as the series prepares for its March 24th premiere,[...]
Images: AMC's The Walking Dead, FOX's The Masked Singer, Paramount+'s HALO, Spotify & Joe Rogan, WKRP in Cincinnati & Head of the Class star Howard Hesseman, HBO Max's Peacemaker star Steve Agee, and NBC's Saturday Night Live
Our line-up of news & opinion topics for today includes some thoughts on Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) future on AMC's The Walking Dead, FOX's The Masked Singer previews Season 7, Paramount+'s HALO drops an official trailer, Spotify starts placing a COVID-19 advisory on Joe Rogan & other podcast hosts, WKRP in Cincinnati & Head of[...]
So whether you're looking to take a break, celebrating your win, or mourning how much you just blew, Paramount+ & 343 Industries made the day just that much better with the release of the official trailer for HALO That's right, Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) is bringing Master Chief from video game screens to streaming screens[...]
Kansas City Chiefs), Paramount+ and 343 Industries will debut the official trailer for their live-action series adaptation of the popular video game franchise HALO But just in case you can't wait that long and to serve as a not-so-gentle reminder, the streaming service released a mini-teaser offering just a taste of what's to come tomorrow. Image:[...]
South Park, Superman & Lois, HALO & More: BCTV Dispatch 27 Jan 22
Our line-up of news & opinion topics for today includes Paramount+'s Star Trek: Picard, The CW's Superman & Lois, Comedy Central's South Park, Amazon & BBC's Good Omens 2, NBC's "Late Night" anniversary with Seth Meyers & David Letterman, Paramount+'s HALO, HBO's Euphoria, The CW's Legends of Tomorrow, and more! And then we wrap things[...]
HALO: Paramount+ Shares First Look at Pablo Schreiber-Starring Series
Fans of the "HALO" franchise have something more than just the NFL's AFC Championship game (Cincinnati Bengals vs Kansas City Chiefs) to look forward to this Sunday Because during halftime of the game, they'll get a chance to check out the official trailer for Paramount+ & 343 Industries' Pablo Schreiber (American Gods)-starring series take on[...]
HALO: Paramount+ Shares First Look at Pablo Schreiber-Starring Series
So the last time we checked in on how things were going with Paramount+ & 343 Industries' upcoming Pablo Schreiber (American Gods)-starring series take on the HALO video game franchise, executive producer Kiki Wolfkill from 343 Industries was clarifying that the streaming series will have a timeline and canon apart from the video game universe[...]
Halo Championship Series At DreamHack Anaheim Will Have No Crowds
343 Industries has made the call that the Halo Championship Series will now officially no longer have spectators in the audience This is the latest change for the tournament as it has gone through the wringer a little when it comes to planning and execution Originally the event was set to be held at DreamHack[...]