Saturday Runaround – Green Lantern And His Deviant Ways

Saturday Runaround – Green Lantern And His Deviant WaysStripWatch: Strip Magazine is to relaunch for the newstand in the UK.

Print Media Productions has reluctantly decided to delay its planned news stand launch of STRIP from June until September 2012.

The decision follows discussion with our news stand distributors who suggested that the autumn would be a far better time for the new incarnation to hit the newsagents.

"There are also vital issues that need to be sorted out, especially a guaranteed delivery cycle from Print Media in Bosnia" editor John Freeman commented. "Both myself and Mike Conroy, who is advising us administration matters, discussed the situation with publisher Ivo Milicevic, who has bankrolled the project so far, and agreed the logistics of getting the first issue of the new incarnation printed and into the shops for our planned launch date were simply insurmountable at this time."

Once STRIP Issue 5 – a giant-sized issue – is released in comic shops in the UK next month (again, later than planned), STRIP will take a a summer break.

Issue 1 Volume 2 has been solicited in PREVIEWS for September 2012.

CollectionWatch: Selling your comic collection for $3,000,000…

It may have started as a hobby, but one superhero fanatic is set to become a millionaire when he auctions off his prized collection of Marvel comics.

Doug Schmell is selling all 682 of his comics hoard, which is thought to be the world's most complete collection and are predicted to fetch a staggering $3million.

GayWatch: Catholic Online jump in on the gay Green Lantern story.

Comic book characters are fictional constructs, so it's not like someone needs to save Green Lantern from his own deviant ways, but these fictional stories are sold to both children and adults as mainstream reading material. Superheroes can make desirable role models for children, often exemplifying character traits we'd like our children to emulate. Examples include patriotism, loyalty, integrity, justice, righteousness, self sacrifice, heroism and, yes, other virtues. Remember when we wanted our children to be virtuous?

Now thanks to an editorial decision, we are somehow expected to add homosexual practice to that list?

StalinWatch: When Terry Pratchett was going to write a Red Son comic book back in 1991…

And finally, I'm toying with the idea of a comic, but it's got nothing to do with 'Discworld'. It's called 'Stalin' and it's what would happen if Superman landed in Russia in 1904. The direct translation of the word 'Stalin' is 'man of steel.' I'm not intending it to be a particularly funny comic. It has to be tragic, not because that's the fashion for superheroes, but because when you consider Russian history, it is tragic."

Saturday Runaround – Green Lantern And His Deviant WaysThis is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

"They make up all the details as they go along, drawing and plotting out the story."| Kirby Dynamics

Here's quite an admission in the Marvel Bullpen Bulletin for–apparently–March 1966, which I presume was written by Stan, and at any rate was published by Marvel, of course: "It isn't generally known, but many of our merry Marvel artists are also talented story men in their own right! For example, all Stan has to do with the pro's like JACK 'KING' KIRBY, dazzlin' DON HECK, and darlin' DICK AYERS is give them the germ of an idea, and they make up all the details as they go along, drawing and plotting out the story."

24-Hour Comics Day 2012: 24HCD Registration is Open!

You can register now to be an official host venue or take the challenge as an online participant (for those who are not attending a host venue) and upload your 24 pages online during the 24 hour event.

'Spider-Man' Judge Told of Arachne, Notes Superhero Lore – Bloomberg

"What they're trying to do is put a lien on the 'Spider- Man' property, which is unprecedented," Cendali said. "They can't monopolize 'Spider-Man.' They don't own 'Spider-Man.'"


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