Siike Donnelly's Collage Of DC Comics Charity Contributions

Siike Donnelly's Collage Of DC Comics Charity ContributionsSiike Donnelly has stated before that he believes the work of Geoff Johns saved his life.Now he's wanting to give something back.
My friends, we are needed.
The "We Can Be Heroes" initiative provides food, water, and medical supplies to Africa. For those who aren't aware, Africa is going through the worst case of famine in the continent's history for the past 60 years. I'm asking that you help me donate. Feel free to go to the website to make a donation Donate what you can and DC Entertainment will match it, 100%. A dollar becomes two, it's that simple. I already bought my "We Can Be Heroes" shirt, which sends half the sale price as a donation as well.
For those who want to help me take your participation a step further, print out a copy of your receipt, draw something, or even just write your name on a sheet of paper, scan it and send it to me at If it's something personal, handwritten, and you want the original on the canvas, email me and I'll shoot you a PO Box address. Please edit out credit card information or anything personal before sending receipts. Why send this stuff you ask? A collage. I want to make a piece of art that shows how we all united for something good.
I haven't drawn/painted too much since my brain aneurysm, so I promise you it won't be a breathtaking piece by any means, but I want to make something neat and personal for those that donate with me. I'm even currently taking up a collection at work to raise more money. I've also started a Facebook Event  for this collage if you want to show your support there.
My hopes are to have enough receipts/random papers to get started in early February, then maybe finish sometime in March. The more receipts/papers I get, the bigger the collage. I plan to paint over it, something DC related. I'll see what comes to mind by the volume of responses.
I know to most this may not seem like a cool thing to be a part of, or maybe you just want to stop at the donation. Obviously that's more than okay. Helping the people in the Horn of African comes first here. Always. I just want to take my enthusiasm for DC Entertainment's initiative a step further in a creative way. My doctor saved my life, but receiving DC Comics while I was recovering is what kept me fighting.
Surviving a brain aneurysm comes with a lot more daily obstacles, so I look for things like this to fill my free time. Sometimes my days include seizures, physical therapy, migraines on a whole new level, and much worse. I'm lucky to be alive. I meet so many others that have been through the same, some doing better than me, some not. We do what we can to help each other and I want to pay that forward in the only way I know how to express myself, through art.
It's the easiest thing in the world to do something selfless. Help DC Entertainment, Save the Children, MercyCorps, and the International Rescue Committee start this New Year in an uplifting way and possibly save lives. Another great site to visit to show support is, where a click on their main page a day will provide a portion of a meal for someone. Their goal at that site is to reach a million clicks. Please help where you can. And shoot me a receipt, actual or handwritten, or something else on paper that you want included on the canvas if you want to participate.
I know I'm probably opening myself up for people who may draw or write vulgar things. That's the world we live in I guess. But I know majority will see what I'm trying to do is just fun, artistic, and maybe something that will still be around after I'm gone.
Thanks for helping in any way you can.
My name is Siike (seek) Donnelly. I'm on Facebook. @ExplodingBullet on Twitter. and can be heard every week as the new co-host of the Nerd Nation Podcast with Gene Hoyle, Thursday Nights at 930pm EST / 630 PST at, or at our new site, which we will be discussing this project on Thursday's show 1-26-12.

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