Seven Things To Do If You Didn't Get San Diego Comic Con Tickets

Seven Things To Do If You Didn't Get San Diego Comic Con Tickets

You didn't get a ticket to San Diego Comic Con. And you've realised with the crackdown on ticket scalpers this year, you probably won't get one later either. Hell, even next year is looking dodgy. So what to do? Here are seven thoughts.

1. Come Anyway. As San Diego Comic Con has outgrown the convention centre, necessitating this ticket crackdown, so a sub-con has grown up around it. From the indie comics event, the galleries and exhibitions, the street performances, the entire town is starting to go the Angouleme route and spreading out. You may not be able to get into the bit where they have panels and publishers, but so much of the show is happening elsewhere. And if you want to meet the comic professionals, buying them shots of whiskey all night in the nearby hotel Bar Cons is less than the price of a ticket. Just.

2. Get Work. If you applied for a Member ID, it is still possible to get into the show by working as a journalist or working for one if the companies exhibiting at the show. Yes, it means you will have to work while the Game Of Thrones/Twilight mash up panel is going on, but it also gives you new and wonderful access to other experiences. And you will get some time off to enjoy the show. Better watch the late nights though… and you may not get paid until you've helped break the exhibit down. And if you are playing he journalist, you will be expected to spend those late evenings writing…

3. Go To Another Show. What about WonderCon coming up? They still have tickets, it's run by the same people, it's in the same time zone, so much cool stuff will be there and you won't feel quite as much as if you're in a freak show for the world media. But the are plenty of shows across America that may also provide a more personal one-on-one creator experience. San Diego is like Mecca for the comic book fan, you much go there once in your lifetime, but you don't have to go every year…

4. Go To A Different Country. If you need the size of San Diego Comic Con to justify yourself, why not try Comiket in Japan, Angouleme in France or Lucca in Italy? They all dwarf San Diego. Admittedly few of the comics will be in English, but that's what your translation all on your iPad is for. Although expect a massive roaming bill…

5. Tweet The Show Vicariously. When I'm at San Diego and am covering the show for Bleeding Cool, I always have Twitter on. Because there are only so many panels I can go to, and something is always happening somewhere else. One could, if one wished, enjoy the show in this fashion. Yo could even tweet, pretending to be at the show, repeating tweets you've seen other make, sharing experiences with others who are the – but somehow never meeting up with them – this is a common occurrence. So you can get the latest news, views, enjoy the complete convention experience without ever getting up.

6. Collect Sour Grapes. "It's not like it was… it's not about comics anymore… it's too big… ". Start practising them now, you'll need them. Even if deep in your heart, you know it's not true…

7. Shoot Your Way In. Cosplay as the Terminator, use real weapons. California has the death sentence, but at last you'l get that robot that transforms into the Death Star. And you won't have to stand in line.

So, which will you choose?

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