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MoviePass Announces MoviePass Ventures to Acquire, Distribute Films
Credit: MoviePass In what seems like an altered version of the old cliche, "…but what I really want to do is direct," MoviePass is looking to go from offering you discounted tickets for the movies you want to see to – hopefully – giving you the movies you want to see directly Looking to make a[...]
D23 Update: All Tickets To The 2017 Expo Are Completely Sold Out
And finally, the Sunday tickets have joined their brethren in wishing all late-comers a swift "nice try." Chip and Co broke the news to sad Disney fans just a few moments ago. To be fair to those last-minute buyers, getting tickets for a convention of any sort the day of was something you could easily do[...]
Hey Joe Quesada, Stan Lee, Never End An eBay Auction On A Monday
Closing eBay auctions on a Monday is never a good idea.Let's see if we can help. On April 14th in Beverley Hills, Marvel Comics CCO Joe Quesada and Stan Lee are holding a special Cup O' Joe event at the Paley Center from 11am. Tickets will benefit the Hero Initiative (and there are still tickets available) but there[...]
There Are Still NYCC Tickets Available At Midtown Comics… And No Line
It's been a busy day at Midtown Comics Downtown in New York… they are selling the final round of NYCC tickets This will be your last chance. Some have gone… 3-Day New York Comic Con 2015 Tickets at @midtowncomics are sold out Please stay tuned for more updates #NYCC — New York Comic Con (@NY_Comic_Con) September 20,[...]
Your Last Chance To Buy NYCC Tickets? Tomorrow, At Midtown Comics Downtown, At 10AM
Your last chance to by public tickets to New York Comic Con. They say "that overnight "camping" is strongly discouraged" but that is clearly for wimps.   Here is what it will set you back Remember to add the cost of getting up early, very early… 4-Day (Includes Super Week Card): $105 + tax 3-Day: $75.00 + tax Friday, Saturday and Sunday:[...]
SE: NYC '15 – When People Try To Buy NYCC Tickets At NYC (UPDATE)
Give him love. As the doors opened everyone rushed the area to buy tickets for this year's NYCC Within 10 minutes a line formed that went all the way to the entrance As people came in they just filed in to the ticket line Quickly organizers capped the line and are now trying to discourage attendees[...]
New York Comic Con Ticket Sales Under Strain Of Popularity
Forty minutes ago, tickets went onsale online for the New York Comic Con 2015. But for many the link on the site to buy tickets stopped working, ***Hey #NYCC Fans! DO NOT GO TO THE WEBSITE! USE THIS LINK to buy tickets: #NYCC #NYCCTix*** — New York Comic Con (@NY_Comic_Con) May 13, 2015 An alternate link issued on[...]
Go See Alan Moore And Friends Sing For Just £8.80
Happening in Northampton next Wednesday. There are twenty tickets available right here for the name-changing Alan Moore, Grace Petrie and Robin Ince's Strange Worlds And Alluring Melodies at the NN Cafe on the 13th May at 7.30pm. The NN is a "contemporary art space in the centre of Northampton" who "work with artists at all stages of their careers to[...]
New York Comic Con Sells Out 3-Day Passes In Minutes As Scalpers Come To Town
This week, the tickets for New York Comic Con went on sale And this is the year that New York became San Diego…. Response on Facebook was consistent… And those tickets were, indeed up elsewhere fast And expensive A 3-Day pass for NYCC costs $65 cover price. One frustrated ticket buyer told Bleeding Cool, I waited in[...]
Wondercon Tickets Go On Sale. And Are Still On Sale.
[youtube][/youtube] A recent episode of The Big Bang Theory (aka, The Show That Hates You) saw the compatriots fail to get tickets to San Diego Comic Con, despite some serious screen refreshing (the kind of thing you're not meant to do) Alternatives mentioned such as WonderCon in Anaheim were just not enough[...]
San Diego Comic Con 2014 Registration Postponed Until Next Year
Take a deep breath. You will not have to spend the rest of the Christmas period preparing for the sixteen seconds in which you'll need to get online, and then the subsequent four hours in line to purchase tickets for San Diego Comic Con 2014 Because Comic-Con registration has now been delayed until next year, so that[...]
The Morning After The San Diego Comic Con Before
This was the experience of many yesterday, trying to get tickets for San Diego Comic Con. [youtube][/youtube] Which was rather different to the official version; [youtube][/youtube] One Bleeding Cooler got their tickets with, as they put it; 3 computers in Rhode Island and one in San Francisco It does seem that this is the way[...]
Two Weeks Till San Diego Comic Con Ticket Time
It's time folks. Well, it will be in two weeks. At 9am PST, Noon ET, 5pm GMT, tickets will go on sale for San Diego Comic Con 2013. You will need your Member ID from Comic Con International You will need your URL link You will need to be as fast as lightning… Good luck. [...]
What Are You Doing On Sunday? You Could Be Seeing Tower Block For Free!
Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool If you are very very quick, You could nab yourself a ticket to see Tower Block for free on Sunday. You just need to go over to Show Film First for your chance to apply for tickets They describe the film as: Someone is picking off the last remaining occupants of[...]
Beware Of Buying San Diego Comic Con Tickets…
There will be random badge checks throughout the show, and you will need a Photo ID that matches your badge at all time, or risk being thrown out of the show. However this has not stopped people continuing to sell tickets outside of the show Previously security was limited to whether or not you were a[...]
Brits Get Two Tickets At Cineworld For £8 With Simply Tap
Install it, hand over all your credit card details (I know) and you can buy stuff with "tap codes" – a cute version of QRs – often with discount. The big one for their launch is two-for-one on Cineworld tickets Or rather two-for-£8 to avoid any confusion And with your first purchase you'll get £5 cashback[...]
27th March – A Second Chance For San Diego Comic Con Tickets
Tickets to the San Diego Comic Con 2012 sold out in 90 minutes of being onsale But there were problems with the forwarding link sent out to people by mail, which crashed leaving many willing customers none the wiser while the queue for tickets filled up. Well, the organisers of the show are giving one last[...]
Seven Things To Do If You Didn't Get San Diego Comic Con Tickets
What about WonderCon coming up? They still have tickets, it's run by the same people, it's in the same time zone, so much cool stuff will be there and you won't feel quite as much as if you're in a freak show for the world media But the are plenty of shows across America that[...]
BBC Launch Their Own Doctor Who Convention – £100 For A Day
With only Steven Moffat and Matt Smith confirmed as guests, odds are that whoever the companions are in series seven will be along too. Will it justify £100 for a day? The schedule is repeated from the Saturday on the Sunday… The event will be at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff where the show is recorded Tickets go[...]