Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Convergence #0, To Kanan #1, Inhumans #0, No Mercy #1 & More!

By Randy Young and Chris Hunter

Bleeding Cool welcomes the return of Talking Comics, from Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games in Shreveport, Louisiana, to discuss this week's upcoming books, speculating about where they are headed, and discuss their favorite storylines.

Hosts Randy Young and Chris Hunter say:

Thanks for pressing play!

Folks, don't forget that Free Comic Book Day is coming up on May 2, 2015, and we here at Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games plan on having a huge day at both of our shops in Shreveport and in Texarkana.  We're looking at having tons of stuff to give away, awesome things for sale inside the store, and maybe even some extra treats for you as well. More details to come!

This is a huge week with the biggest event being DC Comics' biggest event this year and that is the Convergence Event. Every DC Comic story you have ever read has led up to this moment as we finally get to see what Brainiac has in store for Telos. Tons of people are looking forward to this and the next two months will be a completely different DC Comics than we've ever seen before and afterwards, we will see an even more different DC Comics with tons of new titles that are launched as well as many that are cancelled.  Be sure to read Convergence to find out what will happen to your favorite characters and if they will survive!

Based off of the Star Wars Rebels TV animated series, we get another new Star Wars series from Marvel Comics, Kanan The Last Padawan.  This takes a look at Caleb before he became Kana the Last Padawan and we get to take a look at the past of Kanan as well.

Uncanny Inhumans hits the shelf this week as well and if you thought you knew Black Bolt, you don't know anything!  From the team that killed Wolverine, we get to see a brand new and different take on Black Bolt, the King of the Inhumans.

Some fun Avengers titles hit this week as well including Avengers Millennium and Avengers Ultron Forever which focus on time traveling adventures for both comic books, right before we get Avengers 2 in theaters.

What happens whenever a school mission's field trip goes wrong?  Well, that's what we find out more about in No Mercy #1 hitting the shelf this week from Image Comics.  Will these well intentioned teenagers survive this trip?

And guys, we are talking Avengers for the Question of the Week.  Be sure and leave your comments below because we want to know what you think of the Free Comic Book Day version of the Avengers!

Time stamps in this episode:

02:11 Convergence #0

03:12 Kanan The Last Padawan #1

03:55 Uncanny Inhumans #0

04:43 Avengers: Millennium #1

05:26 Avengers: Ultron Forever #1

06:26 No Mercy #1

07:34 Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1

08:23 Gotham Academy: Endgame #1

08:44 Arkham Manor: Endgame #1

09:26 Cyclops #12

10:33 Spider-Gwen #3

11:35 Cluster #3

12:16 The Dying and The Dead #2

13:06 Iron Fist The Living Weapon #11

13:44 Southern Bastards #8

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