Teen Titans Go! Review: Really Not That Bad Of A Show

The majority of my Facebook and other social networking feeds have been pretty unanimous in how much they hate Teen Titans Go!. Personally, I had no opinion. I know the original show was wildly popular and highly regarded, and this new incarnation was an abomination of the franchise.

teen titans go

So I sat down, turned on Cartoon Network, and lo and behold, there was a marathon on. Great! I know the show has been on since 2013, so I am late to the game.

My first impression was actually positive. It's a fun show, with irreverent humor and fun character designs. The personalities are engaging and seem to represent the characters well, though Robin can be a little obnoxious. The show is clearly aimed at a younger demographic, so I'm never expecting a deep show with an intricate plot. I'm sure the show is even funnier if under the influence of something, but I have no way of knowing that for sure.

The show has extremely positive messages and isn't afraid to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to social issues, which complement the humor well. Robin learns many of these lessons the hard way, but other characters get their time in the sun as well.

Overall, this is an enjoyable show, and I really urge people who wrote it off to give it another shot. I have to say that the show did endear me more to Starfire, though Raven is pretty great as well. I've never actually been a fan of Robin, despite my deep love for Batman.

There's also fun Easter eggs in the series. In one episode, the Titans each get tattoos, and Robin has a comic-accurate Starfire tattooed on him. Hints of Superman, Batman, and the other adult heroes are laced throughout. We also get to see other, non-Titan but still teen heroes as well — such as Aqualad and Kid Flash. Teen Titans Go! is a wonderful addition to the world of DC animation, and I hope it continues for a while.

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