Tenille Dashwood and Karen Q Duked It Out on Ring of Honor This Past Weekend

Tenille Dashwood has really found her footing with Ring of Honor. The Women of Honor portion of ROH has really flourished in general, and it's refreshing to see Dashwood have even, exciting matches. On this past weekend's Ring of Honor episode, Dashwood and Karen Q squared off for their WOH segment, and compared to what we see on WWE it was actually refreshing.

Dashwood and Q were both dynamic, using some impressive moves that you likely won't see outside of the indie circuit. Q is a smart wrestler, which pairs well with how cunning Dashwood is.

Dashwood is the perfect heel, and thankfully she's still using the "All About Me" tagline. In the end Dashwood was victorious over Q, but to be fair Q almost had her a few times too. This was a pleasure to watch, and I'm excited to see how far she's going to go in ROH.

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