The Castle Of Horror Podcast Presents: Mars Needs Women (1967)

By Jason Henderson, Drew Edwards, Tony Salvaggio, and Julia Guzman



This week we tip a hat to the recently departed Yvonne Craig with a look at 1967's Mars Needs Women, a strange science fiction movie about a Martian invasion of sorts to recruit/kidnap women of earth in order to replenish their waning stock. Yvonne Craig, lovely and talented and wearing awesome glasses through the whole thing, plays a genetics professor who develops a relationship with the Martian mission commander, played by Tommy Kirk. This is a movie that finds new ways to amaze you with how awful it can be, except for a couple of bright spots: Craig herself, plus a genuinely touching soliloquy about Mars right in the center of the film.

Check out the trailer:


Also this week, look for an interview with Paul Tremblay, whose new book about a possessed girl, A Head Full of Ghosts, has been optioned for the movies by Focus Features and Robert Downey, Jr's Team Downey.

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