The Future Work Of Bryan Hitch…


Bryan Hitch has been asking Millarworld what they think he should do next. And has been giving a few hints in the process. On a Joss Whedon/Bryan Hitch Spider-Man project, he writes;

We've talked about that many times but schedules never met. I'll ask him again but suspect the answer will still be the same given how busy he is elsewhere. Still I'll ask and let you all know.

And on creator-owned projects;

I have three creator owned projects over the next two years. One with an incredible writer and the other two all my own. I have many more planed but time's the enemy here as I want to do so many big Marvel stories too! Anyway years of original Hitchy material to come, one of which is a ridiculously huge SF story.

And on a completed-but-not-published Fantastic Four project with Joe Ahearne;

My favourite FF that I drew is not actually in the run with Mark but a special Joe wrote for me. Loved working on it and did some of my best FF work there. It should come out sometime next year but I don't think it's been scheduled yet.

And after a period of back and forth, with suggestions from Knights Of Pendragon to Blade, he told the board;

I can confirm that at least two suggestions here are already happening. Maybe three.

He also twittered the above visual, a sneak peek at a just-finished page on Captain America: Reborn #6… thanks Bryan!

Don't suppose thre's any chance of a return to Death's Head?

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