The Mighty Buttocks Of Grant Morrison

The comic book industry, and indeed this very site, have been accused of crimes of sexism. The exploitation and cheapening of the female form for high school giggles. I can't deny that hasn't happened on occasion. So I hope I can make up for a little of it by some exploitation and cheapening of the male form in the hope that two wrongs do make a right.

Or basically, Grant Morrison's buttocks in this photo from the early nineties, nicked from a Forbidden Planet interview with Rian Hughes, tightly packed into white jeans, reminiscent of the common phrase "like two hard boiled eggs in a hanky".

As well as Grant, there's Brendan McCarthy, Rian Hughes, Peter Hogan and Charles Shaar Murray. But only one is staring at the camera cheekily showing off the abscence of VPL. Oh go on, let's have a close up.

These are unlikely to be the same white trousers that, anecdotally, Grant would go on to soil on an airplane, only realising his predicament some timelater. But remember this is also the Grant Morrison who in later years posed for this underwear shoot.

Beware though! If you think you've got a chance with the chaotic magical model, his missus and business manager Kristan looks like this:

Not not only is she more attractive than you, she could clearly rip you a new one in a Glasgow back alley.

Go Team Morrison!

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